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Dana White Brags About Beating Caesars and Bellagio Casinos

Dana White has been called a man of vice and by no other than himself. His antics have involved anything from alcohol to casinos, and he has now revealed that casinos would no longer want to “play with him.” White is banned from several of the most prominent casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, under what appears to be enigmatic circumstances, but others are happy to have him.

For White, though, things weren’t that complicated to figure out. Speaking in an interview for TorchPro, White laughed at casinos and argued that they were created to make people lose, only he wouldn’t play by their rules and end up winning constantly.

Picked Wrong “Loser” to Play With

He boasted about his uncanny ability to turn higher wagers into even higher wins and even said that casinos have been forced to negotiate with him how much of the amount won can be realistically paid. White assured that the entire model of a casino is to make people lose, making people like him unwanted guests on the casino floor.

However, White has been courted by some casinos as well. One of those is The Bellagio who “brought him in,” extending some privileges to the self-proclaimed sleight-of-hand. White, though, isn’t too sure how much this idyllic relationship could last as he admitted that he beat the living “f***ing dog s**t” out of them overnight and the casino may be having second thoughts about having the UFC macho as their VIP customer.

Caesar’s Palace suffered on the same night as The Bellagio, White described in boisterous terms. The man gave both establishments credit, as he was treated well by the casinos and allowed to participate in high-stakes games. White argued that one thing that casinos didn’t like about him is his intentional attempt to win more than he puts in, whereas casinos expect people to have frivolous fun which usually comes out of their pocket.

“I Play to Win”

White, though, is there to make all the difference to his own purse. In his own account, the man would bet $75,000 and then win two hands and quit while he is ahead. Just like this, the casino has lost $150,000 and they are not happy that their VIP customer is now walking away with double the money he came in with. “I play to win,” White confirmed.

But winning has not always been what White does and $150,000 may seem like a lot of money was it not his $1 million sports bet he lost on the fight between Jermain Taylor and Kelly Pavlik for the WBO, WBC, and The Ring middleweight belts back in 2007. Apparently, White has gone professional at the casinos since that time, but the memory still smarts.


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