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Czech Business Leaders Condemn Russian War in Ukraine, Offer Humanitarian Relief

Czech entrepreneurs and business leaders Karel Komárek and Robert Chvátal have condemned the Russian war in Ukraine which has led to the senseless and brutal oppression of the Ukrainian people. The war launched with a premeditated strike by the Russian side on Thursday, February 24, which led to the large-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian troops on land, sea, and air.

Russian War on Ukraine Condemned by Czech Business Leader

Komárek represents KKCG, an investment company in the Czech Republic, and Chvátal is the chief executive officer of Allwyn Entertainment (the former Sazka Group). The business pair argued that what President Vladimir Putin was doing in Ukraine was barbaric and urged the business world to exclude any person or entity associated with Putin and cut ties immediately.

The pair of businessmen said that they would seek to alleviate the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of refugees currently being harbored in Lviv the county’s biggest city in the west which became a safe haven during the first war in Donbas back in 2014.

Through the Komárek Family Foundation, the businessmen would seek to help those refugees of war and ensure that those people escaping war now have a safe and warm place to sleep and be fed. The letter read:

“Trucks equipped with durable food, mattresses, sleeping bags, camping mats, hygiene products and other supplies are currently arriving in the area. One of the group’s offices in Prague is already being converted to a safe center for Ukrainian refugees.”

Russian Aggression in Ukraine Must Stop

Allwyn Entertainment is currently raising money for the Red Cross and employees are encouraged to volunteer and help Ukraine deal with what is one of the worst humanitarian crises a modern European country has faced. The two businessmen said that they would stand should-to-shoulder with Ukraine and condemned Russian aggression once more.

KKCG has gone further and used the Dvořákova Praha to ban any musician who has shown support for Putin or the authoritarian regime in Moscow. The attack on Ukraine came with a severe violation of international law after Russia denied for over a year that it would not be invading its democratic neighbor leading to the events on February 24.

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic approved a law that allows anyone to go and fight for Ukraine. When those people return, they would face no prosecution at home.

Previously, Clarion said that it would no longer work with individuals and entities from Russia and Belarus. Meanwhile, bet365 and Parimatch said that they are leaving the Russian market and cutting all ties with any partners from there.


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