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CryptoKitties Pays $20m Out to Gamers, or 75% of Revenue

A new report by Flipside Crypto has revealed interesting revenue share by the top blockchain-powered games. CryptoKitties has split a total of $27 million in revenue, with the bulk going back to players.

Huge Value for Consumers in Blockchain-Powered Games

A new data collated by Flipside Crypto has indicated that blockchain-games have been driving steady revenue for both gamers and the companies that have launched the games. According to the survey, both developers and consumers have benefited from supporting and participating in the most popular blockchain-powered games.

Flipside Crypto published the report covering three popular blockchain games, including Gods Unchained, CryptoKitties, and My Crypto Heroes. Based on the stats, players turned $25.523 million playing Crypto Kitties with $6,937 million going to the developers.

My Crypto Heroes gamers notched up $0,118 million and $1,549 million developers. Gods Unchained was the third game cited in the data, but the game only generated $4,243 million for the company that launched it and nothing to the community.

CryptoKitties Dotes Out $20 Million to Players

Tapping into people’s love for cats, CryptoKitties has quickly grown to prominence in the blockchain gaming community boosting the Ethereum blockchain as it has gone along. The game is based on a simple premise whereby the player breeds moggies. It has been quite some breeding as the game generated $27 million, with $20 million of this revenue going back to players and Crypto Kitties turning a healthy $7 million profit.

The study by Flipside Crypto has also looked into which company claimed the largest share. Essentially, Gods Unchained notched up the entire 100% revenue return with CryptoKitties just claiming 25% of the revenue stream and then My Crypto Heroes with 93% of the revenue.

The insight has established that revenue was unevenly claimed from one game to the next. My Crypto Heroes and Gods Unchained were scooping up almost the entire revenue stream whereas CryptoKitties seems to be the only consumer-focused game which has been adding value to the players.

Play-to-Earn Games Bound to Continue Their Upward Trend   

Meanwhile, the profile of play-to-earn games has only been growing. The Ethereum community, and developers in particular, see promising signs of growth. Jeffrey Zirlin of Axie Infinity has previously commented that blockchain games come with an array of benefits that players can appreciate as they continue to play.

He compared them to other games that offer digital assets, such as Magic: The Gathering, but highlighted the fact that blockchain-powered games can generate cheaper digital assets that actually give back value to the player.

Dapper Labs, the company which launched CryptoKitties, has also been up to other successful projects, including the NBA TopShot blockchain game. Dapper Labs’ products have proven their ability to deliver value to consumers more so than most other blockchain companies.

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