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Crown Resorts Launches Mandatory Vaccination Policy for Guests and Staff

Responding to an increase in the COVID-19 cases in Australia, Crown Resorts is now requesting proof of vaccination from patrons prior to admission. Crown CEO Steve McCann confirmed the requirement for News Ltd., a local media outlet, and said that the policy is now in effect for the company’s facilities in SydneyPerth, and Melbourne.

Patrons and Staff Must Get the Jab to Access Facilities 

Employees, as well as patrons, will have to present vaccination passports as the chief executive explained that it was all done to ensure a safe environment for everyone across the company facilities. McCann has shown little hesitance since he took over from his predecessor Ken Barton as the company faces a probe that threatens its licenses across its gaming properties.

The newly-inaugurated executive has decided not to mince words when it comes to the safety of staff and guests, though, and Crown Resorts is effectively enforcing the strictest policy in the country. Part of this decision has already reflected on the workforce with over 10,000 employees already fully vaccinated. This means that 50% of the entire workforce has been inoculated. 

McCann acknowledged the difficulties the company was facing, citing the ongoing investigation against the company. He said that staff was currently worried about job uncertainty as the investigation intensified and the pandemic was not letting up. 

Economic and Job Uncertainty Lingers in Crown Resorts 

However, he feels confident that vaccination is going to allow the properties to build momentum and return back to normal operation as authorities continue to look into Crown Resorts’ past dealings. 

McCann also said he understood the fear of vaccinations, but he urged everyone to get the jab so as to allow the full economic and societal recovery of the country. To set a good example, Crown Resorts is offering additional benefits to vaccinated employees, including an extra sick day, three hours of paid leave, and $36 gift cards.  

Presently, Australia is far behind the United States in terms of vaccination rates. The percentage of the fully vaccinated adult population in the country is 33.5% compared to 53% for the United States and 67% in China. 


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