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Croatian Player Reportedly Sues Mayfair Casino over Unpaid Cash-Back

Mayfair casino is reportedly sued by a high-roller player from Croatia over claims for unpaid cash-back commissions. The 51-year-old player, Juste Puharic claims that he is due to receive nearly £250,000 as a “contractually entitled” commission. The operator Park Lane Club disputes the claims.

High Roller Player Sues Mayfair Casino over Claims for Unpaid Cash-Back

A Croatian businessman is reportedly suing the Mayfair casino over claims for unpaid “cash-back” for approximately £250,000. Back in 2015, Juste Puharic spent some £27 million at the Mayfair casino, and in only five days he cashed out with £1.5 million up in winnings. However, recently the Daily Mail reported that the high-rolling gambler may be looking to sue the operator over claims for a “contractually entitled” commission of 0.9% which is £243,518. Mr. Puharic was expecting to receive the “commission” along with his £1,466,056 winnings. 

Christopher Bamford, spokesman for Mr. Puharic said to London’s High Court that since 2002 Mr. Puharic has been a regular client of the Mayfair casinos. He claimed that the Park Lane Club identified Mr. Puharic as a high-value player “whom it wished to attract to gamble at the club“. 

Bamford claimed that Mr. Puharic was allegedly offered exclusive conditions that cannot match conditions offered by other Mayfair casinos. It was after this moment when Mr. Puharic was allegedly offered a 0.9% commission as cashback – regardless if he wins or loses

Park Lane Club Rejects the Claims by Mr. Puharic

Speaking for the Park Lane Club owners, Guy Olliff-Cooper rejected the claims made by Mr. Puharic. Furthermore, the barrister explained that no formal offer for exclusive conditions was made but rather the club may have said it “would do its best to be competitive and would therefore consider matching terms that Mr. Puharic received elsewhere“. Consequently, Olliff-Cooper added: “The defendant’s position is simply that it never made him this matching offer.” 

The defendant did not offer to match or better the incentives that Mr. Puharic received at other Mayfair casinos,

said Guy Olliff-Cooper representing the Park Lane Club owners

Another point which the barrister raised while speaking to Judge Gavin Mansfield QC was that the only incentive which roulette players at the Park Lane Club receive was “discretionary free hospitality and commission, which could be used as a discount on losses“. Furthermore, Olliff-Cooper stressed that the “discount on losses” cannot be claimed by players who win

In conclusion, the barrister asked the judge to dismiss the case against the Park Lane Club. With that in mind, the legal complaint is still ongoing and the final decision by Judge Mansfield is yet to be revealed. 


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