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Covington Mocks Drake for Losing $275K on UFC 272

Aubrey Drake Graham has made a name for himself in sports betting circles. For some time now, the rapper is known simply as “Drake” has been placing some staggering wagers through his favorite sportsbook, and making headlines with the sheer size of the bets he volunteered. His most recent Super Bowl antics resulted in him winning a total of $1.4 million worth of bets, a hefty amount.

Drake Swallows Another Loss on UFC 272

Now, though, the rapper, who recently teamed up with, took a $275,000 loss on his bet for the Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington UFC 272 event. It seems that Drake had Masvidal to win. Masvidal was posted as the underdog here, which would have fetched Drake an estimated $1 million payday based on the average odds for the event.

Drake confirmed the bet by posting a video on social media of himself placing the bet. The following events must have had Drake on his toes, because both Masvidal and Covington fought bravely, and while no man took the other out flatly, the final score came to a split difference.

Covington managed to outplay his opponent in three rounds, posting 49-46, 50-44, and 50-45, costing Drake his $275,000 wager on the spot. The fight, though, was not limited to just the hexagon this Saturday, though. Following the fight, Masvidal admitted that he found it hard to swallow the defeat, but Covington had a happier face on and even poked fun at Drake for losing the wager.

Covington Has Bit of Advice for Drake

Covington went even further and offered Drake a piece of his mind about what the best way to recuperate the loss would be:

“Let’s talk about all the money that Drake lost tonight, he needs to go back to selling those s—– albums to get back the money.”

UFC fighter Colby Covington

Covington made a point of calling Drake’s albums not really worth that much and suggested that the rapper should quit sports betting and go back to making those albums instead. Drake has been a known face in sports betting circles. Some have even suggested that the man may have a bit of an addiction.

The Drake Curse Haunts Athletes and Teams

Fans, though, have been poking fun at the musician associating him with “The Drake Curse.” The Drake Curse is essentially an event whereby the rapper backs an athlete or a sports team, which ends up losing because of Drake backing the said team or athlete.

While this is make-believe mostly circulated to make Drake angry, there have been a few notable cases where the Drake Curse did kick in.

Notably, Drake backed both Conor McGregor and Anthony Joshua who both lost unlikely fights to which fans just remarked that it was the Drake Curse doing. AJ even said that he would “break the curse,” when he faced Andy Ruiz but ended up incurring his first loss in his professional career.


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