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Court Greenlights Settlement in Wynn Resorts Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The recent decision puts an end to a years-long legal battle over allegations for sexual harassment filed by nine salon workers

A sexual harassment lawsuit against Wynn Resorts dating back to 2019 has finally come to an end following a court decision. Back in September, the company confirmed it had come to a settlement for the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by nine anonymous salon workers.

On Friday, the final chapter of the legal drama was completed after a judge signed off on the settlement agreement. US District Court Judge Gloria Navarro confirmed Friday that the case was granted a stipulation for dismissal with prejudice. This decision effectively put an end to the sexual harassment lawsuit as the case can no longer return to court or undergo further appeals.

Announced in September, the settlement agreement did not publicly disclose details regarding particular conditions or a settlement amount. Instead, the agreement which was filed with the US District Court was left confidential.

Despite the settlement agreement and the recent court decision, the sexual harassment lawsuit had a resounding effect on Wynn Resorts. Due to the legal case, the company was subject to fines and parted ways with a number of its executives. Steve Wynn, the former CEO and chairman left the company in 2018. A year later, the aforementioned sexual harassment lawsuit was filed.

Due to the legal case, the company paid $20 million to the gambling regulator in Nevada, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, over failures to investigate sexual misconduct allegations. Similarly, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, the gambling regulator in the state, imposed a $35 million fine against Wynn. At the time, the Commission said that upon applying for a Massachusetts gaming license, the company did not disclose there were sexual harassment allegations filed by its employees.

Workers Alleged Sexual Misconduct, Inappropriate Behavior

In their 2019 lawsuit, the nine women, who were referred to as “Judy Does Nos. 1-9,” in court documents to conceal their identity, alleged repeated sexual misconduct and harassment by Steve Wynn. Their identity was concealed over fears of defamation lawsuits and negative impact on their personal lives.

Accusations against Wynn included asking intimate personal questions of a sexual nature and engaging in inappropriate behavior. Moreover, the salon workers alleged they were asked by the former executive to perform massages near his genital area. Wynn allegedly also requested services in private workspaces, including his office, among other locations.

The former CEO and chairman consistently rejected all allegations, confirming he hasn’t engaged in any sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. After his resignation from the company in 2018, he sold his interest in the business.


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