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Costa Rica’s Social Protection Board Reviews Online Gambling Proposals

The Social Protection Boards (JPS) of Costa Rica has received five proposals from operators interested in launching online gambling as part of the application process that closed on April 5.

Online Gambling, Electronic Lottery and Sports Betting to Launch in Costa Rica

Five operators have submitted proposals to the Social Protection Boards (JPS) of Costa Rica in order to obtain authorization for the launch of online gambling, including electronic lottery and sports betting.

The submission process was running between March 16 and April 5. The procedure was opened both to national and international operators. According to the Costa Rican television channel Teletica, there are five operators that have shown interest in the procedure. Additionally, a legal representative has submitted a proposal through an official letter.

Article 2 of Law No. 8718 says that the JPS is the only organization responsible for the ‘creation, administration, sale and commercialization of sports betting and other gambling products,’ while at the same time it has the authority to grant concessions.

“This institution intends to ensure that revenue is generated for the 500 social programs that aim to help vulnerable people who benefit from the money that comes from the commercialization of these products.”

Esmeralda Britton, JPS President

Britton also said that the Board has a legal and human responsibility to protect the future of these vulnerable groups, and digital transformation provides those opportunities.

The JPS has previously informed the public there will be three different platforms that will receive legal approval and there will be two operators per platform. Each operator had to deposit between $160 and $320 to the JPS and an additional guarantee of $400 in order to secure its place in the process.

Evelyn Blanco, Marketing Manager of the JPS, pointed out that there is no other administrator involved in the process apart from The Social Protection Board. There are filters for participants and in the end, the Board selects two legal companies in each modality, two for betting, two for electronic lottery, and two for lottery games (electronic scratch cards). There will be no intermediary between the companies and the JPS.

Some 70% of the profits will go to the Board’s treasury and the proposed databases and games will become its property. Britton added that the Board’s 176 years of existence have proven its ability to evolve and adapt to changes. Britton believes that the Board is making use of the technological transformation in the digital era in order to support the socially vulnerable.

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