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Cordish Global President Rob Norton Visits GamblingNews (Podcast #18)

Rob Norton, a long-time executive in the gaming industry, has been the President of Cordish Global Gaming and Live! Casino for the past 11 years. He joined GamblingNews recently as part of the platform’s ongoing podcast series, providing valuable insight into what the company is achieving and where it’s headed.

Cordish Understands the Market

Cordish and Live! are leading the way with new gaming options in several states. Most notably, Pennsylvania and Maryland continue to give the company extensive traction to find new ground. Maryland has been a standard feature in the land-based segment that has provided significant revenue opportunities. The same can be seen in Pennsylvania, but the addition of PlayLive!, the iGaming option, is enhancing its presence in the state.

Maryland has repeatedly shown itself to be a strong gaming market, even if it doesn’t command the attention that others, like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, do. One of the main reasons revenue has remained at increased levels is because of the attention operators like Cordish provide. Norton highlighted the company’s continued focus on enhancing the customer experience, the rewards of which are revealed through the traffic and the numbers.

Sports Betting Part of the Equation

Sports betting has quickly become part of the gaming landscape across the US, and Maryland is no exception. Cordish recently opened a FanDuel sportsbook in Maryland, ushering in a new era of success.

Land-based sportsbooks are now offered, but online options may be approved later this year. With its focus on being a well-rounded gaming operator, Cordish is ready to explore all available possibilities to ensure it meets the needs of consumers.

There’s no doubt that iGaming has become an intrinsic part of the larger gaming industry. While it may supplant some of the retail casino market’s footprint, it won’t completely take it over. Operators have to understand how to interact with both segments to ensure they provide the best customer experience at any level. Cordish is aware of this and is dedicated to responding to the needs of the industry, wherever they lead.


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