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Coral Introduces Show-Stopping 3D Activated Horseracing Display at Piccadilly

Coral has become Britain’s pioneer sportsbook to include 3D technology in a horseracing display at the Piccadilly Circus, in preparation for this year’s Cheltenham Festival. The company has created the 3D display together with Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), the company’s creative agency.

The Show-Stopping Display Presents Four Race Horses & Jockeys

The unique display that has already appeared at the world-famous Ocean Outdoor’s Piccadilly Lights presents four racehorses and jockeys going head to head. It revolves around the idea that the only horse that truly matters is the one that the bettor has been backing during a race. Accordingly, BBH decided to remove any other distractions on the racetrack and keep the focus on a single horse.

“Your Horse” is on full display on the iconic Piccadilly Lights curved screen located at the center of London’s West End, approximately 100 miles from Cheltenham. The screen measures 783.5m2 (0.19 acres) and has a resolution that is 1.4x greater than 4K, turning it into the screen with the largest surface in Europe. Coral’s DeepScreen activation display shows the horses and their riders slowly fading away, with one of the horses eventually leaping out of the screen in slow motion. Coral is the only brand to have ever used both the back and the front of the DeepScreen technology for showcasing the incredible motion and speed of the horses.

The impressive display will continue to pop periodically every 60 minutes for one full week, during the Cheltenham Festival that will begin on March 15. The festival will host four horse racing days until March 18, including 14 Grade One races.

Coral’s head of brand marketing Chris Brocklehurst acknowledged the fact that horse racing has never received this type of attention before. He also recognized the display’s potential to attract even more horse racing fans closer to their favorite activities during the festival.

“Your Horse” Will Also Be Available at Other Locations in the UK

Media agency the7stars has also prepared an additional campaign featuring an “out-of-home takeover” of the Cheltenham Spa station. The innovative campaign will use a series of powerful digital, social media, and print channels and activities to further promote the 3D display and reunite the audience with the action at the racetracks. Coral’s unique horse racing campaign will also be visible at additional locations in the country, with Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Manchester, and Southampton worth mentioning.

Ocean Lab’s senior project manager Melanie Blood admitted that the largest screens are capable of creating the best experiences, adding that Ocean’s screens will ensure the success of the campaign. The eye-catching 3D activation is the result of a mix of passion, creativity, and ambition. The campaign is considered an amazing tribute to horse racing that cannot be missed during the Cheltenham Festival celebrations. Last October, ITV and Coral announced the launch of a sports documentary called “Against the Odds”. In February 2021, Coral shot a three-minute video commercial for the Australian market with Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg.

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