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Comprehensive Plan for Alabama Gaming by Poarch Band of Creek Indians to Bring in Billion Annually

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians seeks to introduce gaming in Alabama through a comprehensive gaming plan outlined in the Winning for Alabama online platform.

Poarch Band to Raise Billions in Taxes for Alabama Annually

Alabama is gearing up for a billion worth of dollars per year in the form of gaming taxes. This is according to Winning for Alabama – the platform tasked with championing Alabama’s economy.

In the comprehensive gaming plan outlined by The Poarch Band of Creek Indians, the state will also host lottery activities with the ultimate plan to raise more revenue. According to the plan, establishments will have to part with $225 million for gaming rights.

Further, the proposal outlines a plan to construct two tourist resorts in northern Alabama. These resorts will rake in up to $350 million in taxes per year. Also, according to projections, license fees will bring in $725 million bringing the total to over 1 billion dollars.

According to Poarch Tribal CEO and Chair, Stephanie Bryan, the company always believed that gaming has a vast economic potential to unlock opportunities for residents of Alabama. In a statement, Stephanie Bryan said, “This plan does that, and we are committed to making sure that our positions on gaming and our commitment to helping improve the quality of life in Alabama are clear.”

The Gaming Plan Still Faces Legal Hurdles

Having said that, these gaming plans are bound to encounter legal hurdles. On Wednesday, Governor Kay Ivey, while responding to the Band’s proposal, said that the move to legalize gambling will have to start in the legislature before the people take a vote on whether or not they want gambling in the state. In her statement, Gov. Ivey said, “We are always open to good, strong, sound proposals.”

Senator Greg Albritton appears to be one of the lawmakers supporting the plan. He sponsored a lottery bill but it was shot down in the Lower Chamber after surviving the State Senate.

Recently, the senator admitted to not having the details included in the proposal by Tribe. Nevertheless, he still foresees similar hurdles as before in the Senate and the House. He said, “The problem Alabama has with gaming is we let it get away from us in that we allowed local constitutional amendments that govern local gaming activities.”

On the other hand, Senator Marsh has a different opinion. According to him, the residents of Alabama will not allow for a monopoly in the gaming sector.

On its part, the Poarch Board already supports legislation to regulate gaming in the state.  

“We hope that the information we are making available will prompt both citizens and our State’s legislators to seriously consider a solid plan for gaming that can have real economic benefits for Alabama. We believe that it is Important everyone in the State has access to honest information and constructive ideas so they can make the best decisions about an issue that is critically important to Alabama’s economic well-being and quality of life.”


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