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Boeeree and Kurganov Quit Team PokerStars

Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov have decided to leave Team PokerStars, expressing gratitude for their time with the brand.

Boeree and Kurganov Call It Quits from Team PokerStars

Two big names from Team PokerStars have decided to strike out on their own. Both Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov have left the team in order to focus on other opportunities.

Liv Boeree has been a member of Team PokerStars since 2010, while Igor Kurganov joined in 2017. The pair, who are also in a relationship, have achieved some incredible things in the poker world. Boeree has accumulated over $3.8 million in tournament winnings over the years, while Kurganov is known as one of the best high stakes players in the industry.

Both players have stated that they had a great time working with PokerStars. The split has been amicable, and they are both grateful for the opportunities that the brand has provided them with.

When it comes to future plans, Boeree is focused on her science work and giving talks on the topics that are important to her. Her TED talks have been hugely successful, and it’s likely that she’ll be continuing to do more of those.

Kurganov, on the other hand, has yet to talk about the future. However, he’s likely to continue playing high-stakes poker. He was a high roller before joining Team PokerStars and surely has the bankroll continue playing juicy tournaments going forward.

Latest In A Number of Departures

Boeree and Kurganov are just two of several pros who have left Team PokerStars recently. At one point, the team was full of household poker names, like Jason Mercier, Vanessa Selbst, Joe Cada and Daniel Negreanu. However, each of them has made their exit over the course of the past few years. Currently, the only very recognizable name left at Team PokerStars is Chris Moneymaker.

All of the pros who have left the team have had nothing but nice things to say about the brand and their relationship with them. However, it is interesting that there has been a Team PokerStars exodus recently.

It’s likely true that there are never any hard feelings. The players simply want to pursue other poker interests and don’t want to be tied down to working with one brand. Being an ambassador for a brand does mean turning down other opportunities, so we’re sure to see these players engaging in a wider range of events and activities in the poker world. 


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