June 13, 2022 3 min read


Compliable Launches New Licensing Module ahead of Ohio Entry

With the North American gambling market being what it is, Compliable, a start-up, has now released its Key Licensing Module that will help the company’s clients obtain the licenses they need to launch gambling operations in the United States in particular, and also guide clients through the exact process of license and application.

Empowering License Applications for Gambling Companies

The new tool comes on top of the already existing Licensing Platform which comes with patenting pending features. Compliable’s solutions make it easy for executives to stay on top of their companies’ expansion in the US as the market is subject to ever-changing regulatory dynamics.

Through the addition of the new module, Compliable is able to achieve even better privacy and security for executives when managing their licensees. It also makes sure that anyone using the module and overall offer is able to do so in a quick and efficient manner that is streamlined to optimize time invested versus results obtained.

The company’s offer is now also scaling up and looking to expand in Ohio, where it hopes to help more companies enter the regulated gambling space. The platform will soon enable customers to submit their license applications through Compliable’s streamlined offer as well.

Commenting on this development, Compliable CEO Chris Oltyan explained how the firm has been able to develop a new module that will further boost its operations:

We are thrilled to introduce this Key Licensing Module to the industry. Compliable is already at the forefront of compliance and licensing in the US, and this module rounds out our platform to cover all the required licenses that operators need to stay compliant.

Compliable CEO Chris Oltyan

Having the Technical Solution to Empower Companies

Oltyan is hopeful about the future as well and he added that the launch in Ohio will demonstrate the company’s streamlined capabilities which make license application even quicker and more efficient than before.

Compliable chief strategy officer Justin Stempeck also joined the announcement and explained that the company has worked hard to create a technological solution that enables everyone, from the operator to the supplier, to the vendor, to have a quick way of applying for and securing a license.

There is no need to worry about licenses anymore, Stempeck assures and urges companies that want to grow quickly in the regulated North American gambling market to explore Compliable’s offer to their own benefit.


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