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Colusa Casino Resort Visitor Wins Historic $2.7M Jackpot

The incredibly lucky visitor scored the mouth-watering jackpot after playing the Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond slot game

Many gamblers visit casinos with hopes of winning a big fortune. Yet, few are lucky enough to win jackpots which in some cases might be life-changing. This is exactly the case with one mysterious Colusa Casino Resort visitor.

Recognized as a premium gambling and entertainment destination, Colusa Casino Resort is located at 3770 Highway 45 in Colusa, California. The casino resort is recognized for its wide range of gaming amenities, including popular slots, bingo and table games.

In a surprise turn of events, one player won a jackpot of nearly $3 million after visiting Colusa Casino Resort. The venue uncovered details regarding the win on Wednesday, revealing that the lucky visitor, whose name was withheld, won a mind-blowing $2.7 million jackpot.

To be precise, the fortunate player won $2,752,887.71. The incredible win came from the globally recognized Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond slot game. It’s important to note that the aforementioned jackpot sum is before the applicable state and federal tax. Still, even after taxes, the sum is undoubtedly life-changing.

Huge congratulations to our winner for hitting the $2.7 MILLION jackpot! Your incredible win is truly inspiring and a reminder that dreams can come true at Colusa Casino Resort,

reads a statement released by Colusa Casino Resort

The lucky gambler is surely going to always remember their visit to the Colusa Casino Resort. What’s more, the incredible win marks one of the biggest jackpots in the history of the casino resort.

Fortunate Players Secure Exciting Prizes at the Casino Resort

Earlier this month, another visitor at Colusa Casino Resort secured a mouth-watering jackpot. On June 4, the casino resort confirmed that a fortunate guest who played Coin Collector Aussie 5 was able to hit a five-digit jackpot with a tiny bet of less than $1. The incredibly lucky visitor scored a $10,000 jackpot on a $0.50 bet.

More recently, Colusa Casino Resort organized a Dodge Durango giveaway. The exciting event granted a chance for one visitor to go home with a brand-new vehicle.

On Sunday, the casino resort confirmed that a lucky guest named Andres was the winner of the Dodge Durango Grand Prize Drawing. Upon announcing the win, Colusa Casino Resort also congratulated the lucky winner.


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