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Colombia’s Coljuegos Proposes New Rules on Gambling Advertisement

Coljuegos seeks to introduce rules that would protect vulnerable people from gambling advertisement and misleading ads

Colombia may soon introduce new regulations on gambling advertisement. Under a bill proposed by Coljuegos on September 29, the body will become the official regulator of licensed gambling ads and marketing campaigns.

In addition to establishing Coljuegos as the new marketing regulator for gambling ads, the proposal would also introduce new rules on what operators can and cannot do. The measure would provide the authority with more power, allowing it to regulate how gambling is advertised in the country.

The proposed rules also outline sanctions for violations and set a cap on how much companies can spend on advertising. Starting 2024, operators would be unable to spend more than 20% of their project GGR on advertising and marketing campaigns. Under Coljuegos’ proposal, operators will also be unable to spend more than $2.2 million on promotions in the first year.

If passed, the measure would provide Coljuegos with authority to require information about gambling companies’ expenses. This way, the body will be able to ensure that gambling companies are compliant with the new rules.

Coljuegos Wants to Protect Vulnerable Audiences from Harm

Furthermore, the new rules would require licensees to follow new safer gambling protocols and work harder to identify and prevent gambling harm. To that end, operators would be unable to advertise nearby learning establishments and health centers. Coljuegos also plans to prevent operators from advertising to younger audiences.

In line with its desire to protect the Colombian market, Coljuego would prohibit the usage of false or misleading advertisement that downplays the risks associated with gambling. In addition, the regulator would bar gambling companies from advertising their products and services to people who have excluded themselves from gambling.

Companies would also be unable to advertise products by featuring people who have benefited from gambling as to not create a false association that gambling is an easy way to get rich. Moreover, operators would be required clearly communicate the nature of products they advertise and transparently inform consumers of their games’ characteristics.

If approved, Coljuegos’ proposal would also introduce rules on payment that only allow deposits via pre-paid cards.

The fate of Coljuegos’ gabling ad resolution will be decided by the Congress.


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