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Coingaming Group Rebrands as Yolo Group, Seeks New Markets

The Coingaming Group, one of the most popular crypto gaming operators and the entity behind and, has announced an ambitious rebranding. Moving forward, Coingaming Group will be known as Yolo Group as the company undergoes a restructuring of its business.

Yolo Group to Operate on Multiple Fronts 

Yolo Group has created five verticals to better reflect its more ambitious growth trajectory that goes beyond sports betting or iGaming. The Estonian-based entity is looking for new product opportunities and markets, leveraging its existing knowledge and further scaling its in-house teams. The Yolo Group will reunite under its umbrella with Yolo Investments, Yolo Entertainment, Yolo Ventures, Yolo Tech and Yolo Finance.

Each division will have its specific purpose. Yolo Finance, for example, will be engaged with bank-specific initiatives that pertain to blockchain and fintech, whereas the Yolo Investments division will look into various investment opportunities across gaming and fintech.  

Then, Yolo Entertainment will focus on the rebranded entity’s B2C brands, i.e., Bitcasino and, while Yolo Ventures will focus on B2B projects. Lastly, Yolo Tech will be dedicated to delivering back-office services to the entire group’s operations. 

Customer-Focused Approach to Dictate Yolo Group’s New Operations

Commenting on this move, Yolo Group CEO Maarja Pärt stated, I’m both excited and proud to announce that we are rebranding to Yolo Group with a new identity for a company always looking to the future.”

Pärt is confident that the Coingaming brand has served the group well for years and established itself as a disruptor. However, the group’s present vision is much bigger, and Yolo Group reflects that. 

“Yolo Group is about bringing next-level innovation to gaming, fintech, blockchain, and many more sectors, all the while ensuring our customers are kept at the center of the universe,” Pärt concluded. 


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