Coingaming Enters Risk Management Deal With Goatgaming

Goatgaming will supply Coingaming with a tailored platform that will improve and build upon its existing risk management and trading system.

Coingaming and Goatgaming Enter Risk Management Partnership

Cryptocurrency betting leader Coingaming Group has penned a new cooperation agreement with notable UK sportsbook software platform operator Goatgaming. Under the terms of the contract, the partners will cooperate on matters of risk management and trading.

The agreement was initially agreed upon back in December 2019, but the delivery itself took place only recently – in January 2021. Through the deal, Coingaming Group, which operates the cryptocurrency sports betting website, will integrate Goatgaming’s flagship sports trading and risk management product into its sportsbook web platform.

Goatgaming’s innovative product will be tailored to fit and complement Coingaming’s existing risk management strategy. Ultimately, the intention is to further improve the quality of Coingaming’s sports betting services for its many customers and players.

Through the integration of Goatgaming’s customizable platform, Coingaming will also gain far greater control of its existing trading and risk management operations throughout its entire sports betting portfolio. This includes all subsidiary brands as well.

Furthermore, Goatgaming’s service will also create a unified and centralized platform that will host all of Coingaming’s third-party sports feeds. The platform will focus on boosting flexibility and will also enhance management effectiveness and efficiency.

Coingaming and Goatgaming Management Confident In Successful Partnership

Goatgaming CEO Stephen Taylor-Matthews said that working with the Coingaming team to deliver and further expand on an already high-class sportsbook offering was an exciting experience.

He stressed that Goatgaming was thrilled to be working with Coingaming, which he lauded as one of the gambling industry’s most innovative companies. According to Matthews, Coingaming is a clear thought-leader in this market space. Goatgaming is looking forward to seeing this solution being utilized to further improve customer experience, Matthews continued.

According to Coingaming Group Sportsbook Director Joe McCallum, Goatgaming’s innovative platform will be a boon. He noted that the platform would boost Coingaming’s trading and risk tools and allow the company greater control over both its products and its ability to offer a best-in-class sportsbook.

McCallum said that Coingaming is constantly on the look-out for partners to grow alongside. However, Coingaming gravitates towards companies that are innovative and agile enough to help it adapt to the rapidly evolving market.

McCallum also lauded Goatgaming and its platform offering. According to him, Coingaming has been hugely impressed by Goatgaming as a company and is convinced that the platform product will help deliver a fantastic sports betting experience for Coingaming’s clients.

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