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AgeChecked and Rdentify Team Up to Improve Risk Identification

AgeChecked and Rdentify signed a partnership deal Monday to join forces in identifying risky behaviors in the iGaming industry.

“Identifying Vulnerable Customers”

AgeChecked has teamed up with Rdentify to enhance customer protection resources for online gaming operators. This partnership will allow the London-based age verification technology firm and the problem gambling identification company to unify their cutting-edge AI tools to develop a new set of services dedicated to risk assessment and customer monitoring.

In a statement released February 15, AgeChecked and Rdentify have announced that their combined expertise will cover all aspects of “identifying vulnerable customers”, including customer relationship management (CRM), ID verification, customer risk assessment.

This collaboration comes at a critical time for the iGaming industry, Rdentify Chief Executive Officer Daniel Brookes said, noting the UK government’s focus on player protection and compliance in its review of the 2005 Gambling Act. Over £63.5 million in fines were issued by the Gambling Commission (UKGC) to online operators since 2017 due to social responsibility failings, he added. According to Brookes, “operators rely solely on customer support agents to recognize the signs of problem gambling during their live chat interactions.”

Developing Tools to Identify Risks

But the fast-growing and strictly regulated iGaming market needs better tools to tackle problem-gambling, especially as lawmakers have increased their interest in player protection.

Rdentify’s scalable natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence system warn operators of the vulnerability levels of each user during live chat communications. AgeChecked and Rdentify will develop additional modules and machine-learning algorithms so customer service workers can assess risks early on in the interaction with customers. The two firms will also supply iGaming companies with tools to readily monitor their customers over multiple markets.

According to Alastair Graham, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AgeChecked, “the issue of Responsible Gambling has never been more important”, as he commended this collaboration with Rdentify.

Graham added that the company is committed to fighting harmful gambling practices and “helping operators obtain and maintain their regulatory compliance.”

“We see innovative technological solutions such as those employed by Rdentify as being key in the fight against problem gambling.”

Alastair Graham, Founder and CEO of AgeChecked


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