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Coinbase Sponsors BLAST Premier’s Counter-Strike Spring Season

Leading Counter-Strike tournament series BLAST Premier announced it entered into a sponsorship deal to make cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase its sponsor for the upcoming Counter-Strike Spring Season.

Boost Cryptocurrency Popularity

The sponsorship agreement between BLAST Premier and Coinbase aims to help bridge the gap between the world of esports and gaming and cryptocurrencies by utilizing integrated digital activations and player-led content.

Under the terms of the deal, the leading cryptocurrency platform will feature heavily with branded content and fan-led activations during the Spring Showdown on April, 13-18, and the Final on June, 15-20.

“Esports and cryptocurrency both share a strong relationship with technology and innovation. BLAST Premier is enjoyed on a global scale with an audience that is known to be tech savvy. We look forward to seeing the result of fans engaging with the safe, secure and world-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.”

Oliver Clarke, Head, Brand Partnerships, BLAST Premier

Coinbase will also sponsor BLAST Premier’s broadcast segment, The Economy Play, in which analysts provide insights and discussions on economy rounds in between key matches. During the deep dives into how teams make their decisions related to spending money in-game, the Coinbase logo will feature on the caster backdrop, sponsor bars and in-game animated branding.

Product Appeal and Global Reach

This year, up to 32 teams will take part in the leading Counter-Strike tournament series which unite all major events and decide the world champion in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), featuring a combined prize poll for all seven events of  $2.475 million.

BLAST Premier’s global reach and product appeal broadcast in over 105 territories globally last season and with more than 83 million hours of content featuring all seven of its tournaments will help Coinbase gain popularity among fans of esports.

The sponsorship deal will further support the aim of the US largest by trading volume cryptocurrency platform to build a crypto economy and offer its users a more efficient, fair, and transparent crypto-based financial system. With more than 43 million of verified users across more than 100 countries, Coinbase allows secure spending, investment, and earning cryptocurrency operations.

The sponsorship deal made Coinbase the latest in a group of high-profile partners of the esports competition among which EPOS, Shikenso Analytics, CS.MONEY and others.

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