Churchill Downs to Put $200M for Renovation of the Paddock Area

Churchill Downs Incorporated, a major racetrack and betting company, has opted to invest $200 million in a major makeover of the Paddock area at the Churchill Downs Racetrack.

The Paddock Area Will Rock a New Look

Churchill Downs’ namesake venue is its most important racetrack which is why the company will waste no money or effort putting it in shape for the upcoming 150th running Kentucky Derby running. The so-called Paddock Project is the last part of a three-year capital investment plan for revitalizing the Churchill Downs Racetrack.

As the name suggests, the investment will focus on the redevelopment of the Paddock area. A 3D model shows that visitors who enter from the venue’s front gate will have an enhanced view of Churchill Downs’ signature Twin Spires. The improved Paddock will be easier to navigate and will have its guest area will be more than doubled up in size. The visitors’ space, previously 5,000 square feet, will now be expanded to 12,000 square feet.

Churchill Downs’ renovation plans will also improve the audio and visual experiences with state-of-the-art technology, new screens, speakers, etc. The renewed venue will be equipped with 3,600 premium seats and will have the capacity to accommodate 3,200 standing visitors.

The Area Will Serve Customers for Generations to Come

Bill Carstanjen, the chief executive officer of Churchill Downs, called the Paddock Project “one of the most significant construction projects” in the racetrack’s entire history. He emphasized that the renovation will greatly impact what is considered to be the heart of the Churchill Downs Racetrack which is why it is important that it will be done correctly.

Carstanjen added that his company worked hard to come up with a design that will enhance the visual appeal of the venue while making it easier for the company to deliver the quality service and content that fans have grown to love. Carstanjen hopes that the renovated venue will serve generations to come.

The Paddock Project is just one of multiple renovation projects that Churchill Downs Inc. has launched in recent times. The company recently invested $44.5 million in the Homestretch Club initiative which will be launched during this year’s Kentucky Derby week. Churchill Downs also put $82.2 million into the so-called Turn 1 Experience – a project that will not be ready until next year’s edition of the Kentucky Derby.

Two months ago, Churchill Downs announced that it will begin scaling down its iGaming business. Despite the company’s popularity as a racetrack, its online gambling business never achieved the desired results.

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