Kindred Group to Continue Supporting Rangers FC’s Team Talk Program

Kindred Group, a holding operating nine gambling brands, has extended its mental health program in collaboration with the Scottish soccer team Rangers.

Kindred and Rangers to Continue Supporting Men’s Health

The Glasgow-based club will work with the betting giant to continue providing mental health support to men who suffer from depression, low self-esteem and other struggles. The program, called Team Talk, is supported by the Rangers Charity Foundation and demonstrates the two parties’ commitment to the well-being of the local populace. The proven methods of Team Talk have helped numerous Glasgow residents gain confidence, improve their social lives, get motivated to live a physically active life, and become more resilient.

To further emphasize its commitment to mental health, Kindred will allow Rangers FC to put Team Talk’s logo on the place usually reserved for the holding’s 32Red brand. If the athletes defeat RB Leipzig in their upcoming match during the Europa League semi-finals, they will continue branding the program’s logo until the end of the league. 

It Is Important to Help Those Who Suffer in Silence

Neil Banbury, Kindred’s general manager for the UK, has spoken about his company’s decision to continue supporting Rangers FC’s Team Talk program:

“The investment we are announcing today means Rangers Charity Foundation can continue the fantastic progress it made during the first year of the project.”

Kindred’s general manager UK Neil Banbury

Banbury added that he hopes its conjoined efforts with the Rangers Foundation will ensure that fewer people have to “suffer in silence.”

Connal Cochrane, the director of the Rangers Foundation, thanked the gambling company for its investment. He hopes that Kindred’s support will allow the company to reach more people and relieve the woes of more men. The director said that “talking can save lives,” emphasizing how crucial it is to identify and talk with people who need help. Cochrane added that the Team Talk program has already had noticeable successes and he hopes this will continue to be the case in 2022. He said:

“This will allow existing and new participants to attend our weekly program which has already had a tangible benefit for their mental health and wellbeing and allowed the group to start forming connections with each other as well as be supported by our staff in a safe space.”

Rangers Foundation director Connal Cochrane

Kindred Is Committed to Helping Those in Need

This is not the first time Kindred Group has shown that it cares about the well-being of the people. Recently, the company announced that only 3.3% of its Q1 2022 revenues have come from high-risk bettors. The company seeks to bring that number down to zero and curb gambling harm rates.

Kindred’s business is currently experiencing some hurdles because of the company’s exit from the Netherlands. Despite the challenges, the company hasn’t lost sight of the importance of ensuring a healthier gambling environment for all customers.

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