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Chris Weidman vs Omari Akhmedov: Odds for UFC Fight Night 174

Omari Akhmedov is listed as an underdog in the upcoming fight on Saturday between him and Chris Weidman. Yet, Weidman has suffered four losses in his last five fights whereas Akhmedov has won four. Find out more in our preview below.

UFC Fight Night 174: Chris Weidman vs Omari Akhmedov Overview

Chris Weidman (14-5-0) and Omari Akhmedov (20-4-1) are walking out to fight on Saturday in UFC Fight Night 174, as part of the Main Card and definitely one of the bouts we want to see. Aleksei Oleinik and Derrick Lewis may draw a lot of attention to their persons, but Weidman and Akhmedov will be one of the closest-fought bouts we have seen in recent UFC history.

That’s why we have taken a closer look at the event and everything you need to know. You can also hop over to our preview of the Oleinik vs Lewis fight if you prefer. Here is our preview of the lightweight bout.

UFC Fight Night 174: Time and Date

  • Date: Saturday, August 8
  • Time: 9 pm ET
  • Location: UFC APEX facility
  • Watch: ESPN+

Odds to Win: Chris Weidman vs Omari Akhmedov

Chris Weidman-120
Omari Akhmedov+100
Odds taken August 4

Can the Russian Be Stopped?

Akhmedov is a formidable fighter who definitely has a decent track record in the UFC. With his 20-4-1, Akhmedov is still priced as the underdog (+100) by sports betting agencies. Chris Weidman is actually given a far better shot at success with (-120), which seems almost counterintuitive.

Akhmedov is coming hot on a what would have been a five-wins streak was it not for a draw against Vettori in 2017. Now, it’s true that Akhmedov doesn’t have any fights since he won against Heinisch in UFC 245: Usman vs Covington, but the fighter is nevertheless one that cannot be dismissed.

His other recent victories include bouts against Cummings and Boetsch as well as one against Razak Alhassan. Pricing Weidman at (+100) is even more bizarre when you take into consideration his most recent performance, a string of losses. He has faltered against Reyes, Souza, Mousasi and Romero. Four out his five bouts were losses.

Yet, CBS listed the odds at (-110) for both fighters, listing them as head-and-head favorites. To us, backing Akhmedov is the most rational choice. We agree that the fighter has not been as active recently, but this shouldn’t give Weidman the upper hand.

Tale of the Tape: Akhmedov vs Omari

Omari Akhmedovvs.Chris Weidman
11:57Average Fight Time9:57
6′ 0″Height6′ 2″
185 lbs.Weight205 lbs.

Comparing the fighters in purely physical characteristics we are fairly certain in our choice. Akhmedov averages 11:57 in the Octagon, more so than Weidman who is averaging 10:58. They are matched in height, but Weidman has some advantages.

For starters his reach is 78″ which is 5″ longer than Akhmedov’s. Then again, the real advantage that we can argue puts Weidman ahead is weight. Weidman weighs 205 lbs. compared to 185 lbs. Should this make a difference?

Fighters do their best to stay in the right shape and especially before a fight. Weidman winning the fight might actually guarantee him a title fight as well, so he has every reason to try and make use of all he has.

All sports betting agencies seem to be betting against Akhmedov, but we say, back him.


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