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UFC Fight Night 174: Derrick Lewis vs Aleksei Olenik Odds & Picks

The upcoming heavyweight fight between Aleksei Oleinik vs Derrick Lewis in UFC Fight Night 174 promises to be every bit as exciting as fans expect. Here are the odds and overview of the bout.

Derrick Lewis vs Aleksei Oleinik: Fight Overview

Since UFC has returned, there has been a string of exciting events to witness and the upcoming UFC Fight Night 174: Lewis vs Oleinik will be an event you don’t want to miss out on. With 13 cards on the card, Oleinik and Lewis is arguably one of the two we think are worthwhile seeing.

We have gone in some detail to review the upcoming game, bring you the best fixtures and see which fighter has a better overall score and chance to win. The Derrick Lewis and Aleksei Oleinik fight is taking place on Saturday, August 8.

UFC Fight Night 174: Time and Date

  • Date: Saturday, August 8
  • Time: 9 pm ET
  • Location: UFC APEX facility
  • Watch: ESPN+

Aleksei Oleinik vs Derrick Lewis: Odds to Win

FighterMoneylineTotal Rounds
Derrick Lewis-2051 ½ (-115)
Aleksei Oleinik+1751 ½ (-115)
Odds taken August 4.

Heavyweight Division Slowly Starting Back Up

We have seen quite a few decent fights recently, but not too many in the heavyweight division which is naturally the most exciting to behold. Daniel Cormier will fight later this month, facing off with Stipe Miocic in what is one of the best rivalries we have seen in the UFC so far.

Yet, this is not about Cormier or his bad blood with Miocic. It’s about Derrick Lewis (23-7-0) who is currently fourth in the seeding and a favorite for the upcoming fight with the one and only veteran, Aleksei Oleinik (59-13-1), who already has 73 fights in the UFC. Now, the (-205) sports betting odds for Lewis might be a little too much if you ask us.

Rightly called “The Black Beast,” Lewis is given high hopes of success. He has 30 fights in the UFC, and his most recent bouts in November, 2019 and February, 2020 were both victories. But guess what? So were Oleinik’s who is 43 of age and has 59 victories under his belt. Oleinik is definitely a bit of a brawler when it comes to fighting, but the Russian has been unstoppable.

They call him “The Boa Constrictor” because despite what his boisterous personality suggests, Oleinik has some clear-cut fighting style, courtesy no doubt of decades as a fighter. He recently won against Fabricio Werdum, and that is definitely his career-high achievement.

Oleinik is slow, not only because of his age, though, and pondering fighter. He takes his time and while he has been defeated 13 times, he is still a formidable opponent. Chokes are definitely his specialty and Lewis will have to watch out or the beast would be tamed.

Lewis Should Watch Out for the Constrictor

Now, these two fighters are definitely going to be worthwhile to see. Lewis has heavy punches himself. He has won the same number of fights in his last five showings as has Oleinik. Yet, there are some chinks in his armor he will have to be mindful of.

For example, Lewis has developed a style that means that if you are just at the right distance, he will shower you with heavy left and right hooks, as Marcin Tybura can attest to. Yet, if you get up close, he might feel a little startled as his defense has shown on several occasions. Here’s a quick tale of the tape.

Derrick Lewisvs.Aleksei Oleinik
6′ 3″Height6′ 2”
265 lbs.Weight240 lbs.

That’s Oleinik’s opening who would be happy to bring Lewis to the ground and lock him in a choke hold. However, Lewis is very fast despite his 265lbs, strategically perched on the legally allowed weight for the Heavyweight division.

We definitely agree that Lewis is vulnerable on the ground and that’s the one thing he will have to do his best and avoid. Hard to when Oleinik is coming up against you.


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