Chris Eubank Jr. Joins 888poker on Cardroom’s 20th Anniversary

If you are looking for a big-ticket name in the world of interactive poker, 888poker is it. The website is easily one of the most significant players in the segment, and as its 20th anniversary has arrived, the company is teaming up with former two-time IBO-super middleweight world champion Chris Eubank Jr.

The partnership is looking to expand 888poker’s cultural campaign, which will see Eubank Jr. now represent the brand as a Cultural Ambassador. To commemorate this occasion, 888poker will be hosting a series of events and tournaments which will feature Eubank Jr. throughout 2022. Commenting on this appointment, the boxer said that he was thrilled to be a part of the team. He added:

“Poker is one of the great passions in my life, so I am delighted to partner with 888poker. For me, the beauty of poker is in its community, and 888poker is doing a fantastic job of making poker more about the fun and less about the grind for players at all levels with its user-friendly platform.”

888poker Cultural Ambassador Chris Eubank Jr.

Eubank Jr. said that he would be looking to meet up with the 888poker community, which suggests that he will be playing himself actively. 888 VP and head of poker Amit Berkovich also welcomed the boxer’s decision to join the team and advance the brand’s mission.

Eubank Jr.’s character and qualities perfectly matched what 888poker stands for, Berkovich explained. The partnership will be a “fantastic way” to begin celebrating the 20th anniversary of the company.

A Successful Run for 888poker That Carries On

888poker launched in 2002, and it has been able to reach 15 million players in the past 20 years, awarding over $6 billion in tournament prize pools across its many markets in the world. Eubank Jr.’s self-professed passion for poker is what will give the partnership the basis of building for future success.

In the meantime, Eubank Jr. has been actively competing in the ring. He defeated Marcus Morrison and Wanik Awdijan in 2021 and is looking to begin his fighting season this year with a fight against Liam Williams in February.

Berkovich said that the company is constantly looking to elevate the experience for its players, and one of the ways to achieve this is to bring the most worthwhile forms of entertainment to the fore.

He similarly hinted at the company’s plans, including the further betterment of the brand and the expansion of 888poker in new markets “to bring our players the highest level of entertainment.”

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