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Checks Belonging to Rivers Casino Des Plaines Workers Stolen

While most enjoy their time off with family and friends, some Chicago residents were unpleasantly surprised by stolen paychecks, just before Christmas

Rivers Casino Des Plaines is a leading gaming location in Chicago, Illinois. The venue offers popular table games as well as plenty of slots. Just before the Holidays, some Rivers Casino’s employees were surprised unpleasantly after their paychecks were stolen, the Daily Herald revealed.

Rivers Casino Employees’ Checks Stolen

What’s known so far is that each of the paychecks which were stolen was between $300 and $1,600. The checks were sent via mail and were stolen by fraudsters. The thefts occurred between December 12 and December 23, 2022, Matt Bowler, commander of the Des Plaines Police Department revealed.

The fraudulent activity was uncovered by Rivers Casino’s department responsible for payments. Upon discovering the thefts, the casino’s management was contacted which turned to the police. As a result, an investigation was launched by the Federal authorities in collaboration with the US Postal Inspection Service.

Fraudsters Changed the Names, Amounts and Cashed the Checks

To collect the money from the paychecks, the fraudsters changed the amounts and names. According to Bowler, once those details were forged, the fraudsters cashed the checks at different locations in Chicago. Police authorities did not reveal the total amount involved in the fraud nor how many people were affected by the criminal activity. Still, Rivers Casino Des Plaines confirmed that employees affected by the fraud will receive the money they are due to collect.

Details of the fraud emerged after only recently, a gambler who cheated at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines was arrested. The man previously visited the casino and was spotted cheating by the venue’s security system called “eye in the sky.” The young male was seen moving a chip from a losing bet to a winning one, which granted him a prize of some $1,000. Upon winning the amount, the male cashed out his winnings and left the venue. However, upon revisiting the casino later in December, he was accompanied by its security team to a secure location. Consequently, police were contacted and the man was arrested.


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