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Rivers Casino in Des Plaines Tips Police about Cheating Gambler

A man who is said to have cheated at the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines was arrested last Friday, police have confirmed

The Des Plaines Police Department said that the case dated back to last Friday when the 3000 South River Board in Des Plaines casino filed a complaint against the suspect and called police, following up on an earlier accident involving a man in his 30s.

Cheat Returns for Seconds – Gets Justice Served Instead

Officers were dispatched to investigate the case and were informed by casino security that Christian Savitz aged 35 had been playing on the casino floor a few days prior. Savitz mostly spent his time playing baccarat. However, Savitz was caught cheating by the casino’s security system known as “eye in the sky,” which is the camera that tracks gamblers’ behavior on the gaming floor.

Savitz was seen moving a chip from a losing bet space to a winning one while the dealer was not looking and received a $1,005 payout. Following the win, Savitz moved to immediately leave the table and cash out his winnings.

Savitz was gambling on Monday, December 19, but then returned again to the property on Friday, December 23. He was immediately recognized by the casino’s security and asked to come with the security team to a secure location at the casino.

Following his removal from the casino floor, the police were informed. After a brief interview with Savitz, he acknowledged that he cheated and was taken into custody. He has been charged with theft by deception and was transported to the Cooke County courthouse in Skokie. Savitz was subsequently released from custody.


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