June 30, 2021 3 min read

Chalkline and officepools.com Launch New Online Gaming Platform

Games provider Chalkline recently announced a new agreement with OfficePools.com, a Canadian fantasy sports company, for a new online platform, OfficePoolsBets.com. This free-to-play site now gives the Canadian company access to Chalkline’s technologies, and comes right at the peak of the NHL and NBA playoffs, as well as the European soccer championship.

What the New Deal Promises 

On June 22, following a lengthy discussion, the Canadian Parliament legalized single-game sports wagering, with Chalkline’s and OfficePools.com’s new partnership emerging in its wake. Graham Lee, the president and CEO of OfficePools.com parent GSL Holdings, said that the legalization of sports betting in Canada is seen as a positive development for both his company and sports fans all across the Canadian provinces. He also stated that the free-to-play partnership is going to expand on the existing Chalkline platform of engagement and educational tools. Lee feels that Chalkline is the perfect partner with which to grow and develop inside the regulated sports betting environment.

Chalkline CEO Daniel Kustelski said that Lee and his team at OfficePools.com are an essential part of what it means to be a sports fan in Canada. He explained that this partnership with a leading community fan site will help the company leverage its shared visions and products to deliver entertainment and education to its audience. He added that the team is “ecstatic to partner with the leading community fan site, and to leverage our shared vision and products to deliver fun and education to their passionate audience.”

Chalkline Ready for Canada’s Jump into Sports Gambling

With offices in Nashville, London and Johannesburg, Chalkline managed to deliver more than 8,000 unique games to more than five million players all across the world in 2020, thus cementing the company as a major sports betting platform. It’s ready to take things to a new level, though, which it can accomplish through Canada’s soon-to-be-expanded sports gambling market. 

Lawmakers in Canada, after more discussion than was probably necessary, finally passed legislation that will allow single-event sports bets in the country. Previously, due to limitations in Canada’s criminal laws, only parlay-type bets were allowed. Now, with a newly expanded market and the ability to place bets on the outcome of games, Canada is looking at a sports gambling industry that some say can reach as much as $4.6 billion a year

OfficePools.com Has Humble Beginnings

OfficePools.com’s operator and owner, GSL, has supported communities of primarily hockey pool players since 1995. From those early days, GSL has climbed up the ranks to become a formidable platform that continues to attract greater attention. GSL provides facilities, sports programs and a challenging environment for local and regional athletes to reach their best performance and potential. 

GSL’s expertise in entertainment has let them expand into the real estate and hospitality spheres, as well. As one of Western Canada’s leading sports and music producers, it is capable of providing a full event experience through its hospitality division. 


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