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Chalkboard Adds Gamified Messaging Platform for Sports Fans

Social betting app Chalkboard has added a new function that will allow consumers to benefit from data-driven gamified messages. Essentially, consumers will get live score updates, bet tracking, and try to boost the social interaction between sports fans and their friends, families, and fellow bettors.

The company essentially wants to focus on what it describes as the “thrill of betting on a sporting event,” with some tailored solutions in mind that could be customized don individual consumers’ own stories but also based on how consumers interact with others.

Chalkboard Captures on the Essence of Sports

Chalkboard CEO and co-founder Ted Mauze wants to bring the same level of engagement between fans to the platform. Commenting on what Chalkboard gamified messaging platform is, Mauze said:

“The bet ‘placement’ isn’t the exciting part of sports betting. The unforgettable moments occur once that bet goes live, your team has the come-from-behind win in reach, and the group chat is having a collective meltdown. Those heart-racing moments deserve a gamified upgrade, and we built Chalkboard to do just that.”

Chalkboard CEO and co-founder Ted Mauze

Chalkboard has been able to integrate its social messaging platform with its social betting solution, making it a single-entry, one-in-all tool that sports fans can use to enjoy their betting sessions more.

The app allows sports betting services and their users to sync up message boards and chats as well as list real sportsbook wagers for bragging rights. The platform does not introduce real money wagers but rather creates a place where consumers can compare their wagers and see who has made better calls in specific sports.

Plenty of Information Available Right at Chalkboard

The app also tracks scores and stats from major sports leagues in the United States and beyond, including the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL. Saniyah, a known sports betting influencer for the NBA and Chalkboard NBA community manager, is confident that as sports betting products become more readily available, so will people seek to experiment with betting in general and understand those products better. She added:

“The new ‘boards’ feature helps Chalkboarders extend their betting network and even learn how to place bets on new sports. It’s a great way to learn and share the excitement of sports betting with others.”

Chalkboard Saniyah

Sports and sports betting is a pastime better shared with others, as numerous studies have shown. People are often predicting the satisfaction from sports gambling on how far ahead they are based on their peers. Chalkboard seeks to offer all sports fans an opportunity to be “in this together,” and it does through the introduction of its gamified messaging platform.


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