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Catena Media Proposes New Board Appointments Ahead of AGM

Göran Blomberg, Esther Teixeira-Boucher and Austin Malcomb have declined re-election as board members

The Nomination Committee of affiliate giant Catena Media proposed the reelection of several directors and the appointment of new ones. Under the committee’s plan, the company’s new board of directors will have six members instead of seven.

As reported by Catena Media, the Nomination Committee proposed the re-election of Øystein Engebretsen, Theodore Bergquist, Adam Krejcik and Sean Hurley.

In the meantime, since Göran Blomberg, Esther Teixeira-Boucher and Austin Malcomb have declined re-election as board members, the committee proposed the election of two new members. These include Dan Castillo and Erik Flinck. The latter, Catena added has been proposed to be elected as chairman of the board of directors.

Catena Media’s Nomination Committee, for reference, consists of Nicklas Paulson, Marianne Stenberg, Martin Zetterlund and Göran Blomberg.

Flinck and Castillo Boasts Decades of Corporate Experience

Catena noted that Erik Flinck, born in 1980, is currently also serving as chair for the digital health startup dr HUD. His prior experiences include time as head of BCG Sweden. Flinck, Catena explained, boasts some 20 years of management consulting and has extensive experience in corporate management, growth and turnarounds.

Dan Castillo, also born in 1980, likewise boasts two decades of experience that makes him a perfect fit for Catena Media’s team. He has invested in the company for almost 10 years now and has been closely following its progress after its IPO in 2016. Castillo’s track record includes a board stint with Kotipizza, which was acquired by Orkla in 2018. He is currently serving on the boards of five companies.

The announcement added that Catena Media’s Nomination Committee will present its other proposals to the Annual General Meeting on May 15.

The new proposals come several weeks after the appointment of Manuel Stan as the company’s new permanent chief executive officer. Stan, who is a former Kindred Group executive, will be running the company out of Las Vegas and will focus on Catena’s growth in the United States and beyond.

The new CEO is set to step into the office on July 1, 2024. Until that date, Pierre Cadena will continue to serve as Catena Media’s interim CEO. For reference, Cadena is Catena Media’s vice president of corporate strategy, who temporarily took over as CEO following Michael Daly’s recent exit from the company.


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