Carson City Police Arrests Man Allegedly Flushing Items in Casino Toilet

Carson City Sheriff’s office apprehended two Bridgeport, California residents last week over suspected felony and misdemeanor offenses. One of the residents, male, age 43 allegedly disposed of some items in a casino toilet before he was arrested.

Two California Residents Arrested in Carson City, Nevada

Two Bridgeport, California residents were arrested by Carson City Sheriff’s office last week over suspected felony and misdemeanor offenses. As announced by Carson Now, both Jason Norman Emery and his girlfriend Jonalyn Hernandez were apprehended by police officers on Monday, December 14.

The 43-year old Emery was arrested on four felony counts for suspicion of possession of controlled substance as well as suspicion of obtaining and possession of credit cards not belonging to him. His bail was set to $22,500.

On the other hand, Emery’s girlfriend, Jonalyn Hernandez, age 28 was also arrested. Once Emery was arrested, she approached the police officers asking why was he detained. Upon answering to Ms. Hernandez, the officers found out that there are two active warrants for her arrest issued by East Fork Township Court. Consequently, the police officers arrested the lady on suspected felony and misdemeanor.

Once the police officers searched the personal belongings of Ms. Hernandez, they discovered a small baggie with brown substance and a blue and white straw which allegedly contained heroin residue. Speaking with the officers the woman allegedly said that the small baggie contained heroin. Consequently, the officers booked Ms. Hernandez for suspicion of possession of a controlled substance. Her bail was set to $9,477.

The Detainee Allegedly Disposed Items in Casino Toilet

The police report reveals that the officers were contacted by a security officer at a casino in Carson City, Nevada. Around 4 A.M. on December 14, the casino security identified a man trespassing. The man was in fact sleeping in the casino when the security woke him up.

Then the man, which was later identified by the police officers as Emery, allegedly dropped a baggie of an unknown substance. The casino security has collected the baggie which was afterward given to the police officers.

Upon the arrival of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office deputies, the man was in one of the casino’s restrooms. The officers allegedly saw the man disposing of some items in the toilet and asked him to exit the stall. Afterward, the officers apprehended Emery and searched his personal belongings.

Allegedly credit cards and debit were found by the police officers that did not belong to him and he was also unable to explain why they were in his possession. Although Emery was videotaped by the casino surveillance when he was dropping the baggie with an unknown substance, once he was speaking with the police, he disputed knowing anything about it.

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