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Canadian Casino Kicks Out Famous Kick Streamer xQc

When visiting a casino, the famous streamer was told he was banned from gambling and forced to leave the venue by security

The famous online streamer and social media personality, Felix “xQc,” announced during a recent stream that he was kicked out from a casino he visited in Canada. The star that streams online casino games on Twitch’s rival platform, Kick, said that after a birthday dinner, he visited a casino to celebrate and have fun with his family. xQc recalled playing with some CA$30,000 ($21,700) with his family members before going to a teller to withdraw more money.

At that point, the streamer claimed that the casino employee requested his information for another time. xQc said in his recent stream that he had already given his information twice and even submitted four tax forms with all of his details. Then, he said, the employee wanted to speak to their boss. While the whole encounter was taking way longer than xQc expected, at some point, three casino security guards came in front of him and told him that he was banned.

The streamer explained: “Three security guards come up and they are like: ‘Yo dude, you gotta go, you are banned.’ Like bad mood, rude a** m***********s, just say, you are banned!” He was then asked to leave the venue but before doing so, asked the security guards for more information on why he was banned. xQc also asked if he could tell his family at the gaming table that he would have to leave.

Went to the Montréal casino after my birthday dinner to spend some time with my family. Split small amounts to each member so we could play table games and laugh. Security came and dragged me out in front of everyone because of a 2022 radio Canada clickbait article. Cringe,

reads a post on X released by xQc

According to the streamer on Kick, going to the entrance of the casino, he met with seven security guards. xQc asked if he could talk to the casino’s “big boss.” Shortly after, the manager of the venue arrived and took him to a corridor that looked like an employee-only area. There, xQc once again questioned why he was banned, considering that he wanted to celebrate his holiday with his family and place some wagers.

Then, the “big boss” told the streamer that in 2022, an article emerged online that alleged he was addicted to gambling. “An employee of the casino or our online system banned you from playing online,” xQc claimed he was told by the casino’s manager.

The social media star went on to criticize the gambling regulations in Quebec. He explained the monopoly model of Lotto Quebec, saying that they run all gambling activities in the province.

Earlier this month, xQc revealed that his total wagers on Stake are getting close to $3 billion. Undoubtedly, the streamer walked a long way from his $40 bets per spin a few years ago to a staggering $50,000 wagers per spin only recently.


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