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Camelot Bolsters Michigan Lottery’s Online Platform

Camelot Lottery Solutions and Michigan Lottery have signed a new partnership through which the former is becoming the official e-instant games supplier for the Great Lakes lottery. Camelot will bring a range of e-instant titles that are some of the most popular products that players in the state and globally enjoy, letting the local lottery receive a nice content boost translating into higher engagement and bigger proceeds for the state.

Camelot’s Michigan Lottery Gets More e-Instant Games

Camelot has confirmed that it is looking to deploy its games in a way that will allow the lottery to effectively deploy the games so that it can boost state education programs and deliver a net benefit for the Michigan Lottery. Camelot will also actively seek to develop such digital products that allow the Michigan Lottery to advertise and make its products available in the most socially responsible way possible.

Camelot Lottery Solutions CEO Wayne Pickup welcomed this new partnership and said that the Michigan Lottery has established itself as a leader in e-Instant performance in the United States. He added:

We have a library of around 200 games, which have been among the very highest-performing e-Instant games in the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland. We can’t wait to bring these games to North America.

Camelot Lottery Solutions CEO Wayne Pickup

Camelot is not going to be making the first dip in the US lottery market. The company already has an existing partnership with the Illinois Lottery and has been running with it since 2017. The company entered the US market even prior to that, forming an alliance with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery in 2015.

The Lottery Is Confident the Deal to Improve Its Online Platform

Michigan Lottery player relations manager Jake Harris was similarly thrilled with the new partnership and welcomed the opportunity to provide players with more innovative lottery products that will undoubtedly help elevate Michigan’s online lottery platform and its pull with local players.

The new partnership is part of an important re-calibration for Camelot which is plunging into the North American market more actively after having suffered a defeat in the United Kingdom at the hands of Allwyn who will be taking over as the UK National Lottery operator.


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