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California’s Cache Creek Casino Investigates Suspected Cyber Attack

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation-owned Cache Creek Casino confirmed on Wednesday that it is investigating a cyber-attack on its servers.

Cache Creek Casino Launches a Probe into Cyber Attack

On September 20, Northern California’s Cache Creek Casino Resort announced it would shut down temporarily. The casino began a probe into what it called “a systems infrastructure failure”.

On Wednesday, the company confirmed that malicious third-parties had launched a cyber-attack on Cache Creek’s servers. The casino responded by opening an investigation.

Speaking to The Sacramento Bee, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation representatives, the owners of the property, confirmed that there had been an attack. In their statement to the media outlet, Yocha reps. reassured that the privacy of guests and employees was the highest priority. They added:

“We are working closely with independent experts who regularly investigate incidents of this type to determine any risks to data security. Attacks like these are significant and can take weeks to research thoroughly.”

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation rep.

As the investigation continues, Cache Creek Casino already has an action plan. In the event that the attack has breached guests and employees’ personal data, affected parties would receive a notification in writing.

The casino took the opportunity to address its employees and alleviate their concerns. A Cache Creek Casino rep. responded by saying that all employees would receive their full pay and benefits. That is regardless of whether they have been called to work or have to wait out for the investigation to wrap up.

A Ransomware Attack Suspected

According to the Sacramento Bee, an anonymous source shared that the FBI is on the case. The Feds are reportedly investigating a ransomware attack. That type of attack holds an informational database “hostage”. Hackers promise to return access to hijacked information once payment is made.

Cache Creek Casino has refused to comment on the authenticity of this statement. A spokesperson has confirmed, though, that the casino would need to remain closed until changes had been made.

Specifically, Cache Creek Casino will fortify its infrastructure before reopening for business, the spokesperson said for the Bee. According to that same person, Cache Creek Casino was in a unique position to learn from the experience and emerge stronger.

However, no reopening date has been announced. Cache Creek is not the first property to have dealt with cyber attacks. In February and March 2020, two Las Vegas properties had to suspend operations on their slot gaming floor because of malware.

The attack happened during opening hours, prompting an uproar at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino and Binion’s Casino in Las Vegas. The casinos were out of service for almost a week.

Ransomware is becoming an increasingly serious problem in the casino space. Hackers are able to encrypt entire systems and hold them hostage until payment. However, there is no guarantee that once a payment completes the hackers would restore access.

In fact, security experts advise never to cave in to hackers’demands, but rather inform authorities promptly.

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