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California Man’s War over $2B Lottery Jackpot Rages On

Despite mounting evidence against his claims, Jose Rivera remains adamant, vowing to continue his legal battle

Jose Rivera, claiming to be the rightful owner of what is likely the world’s biggest lottery jackpot, remains steadfast in his pursuit of justice despite facing legal charges and skepticism surrounding his claims. Although his allegations against lottery winner Edwin Castro and former landlord Urachi F. Romero remain unconfirmed, the California man stood firm in his conviction.

The Claimant Has Yet to Back Up His Allegations

Speaking for the first time since filing a lawsuit against lottery winner Edwin Castro and former landlord Urachi F. Romero, Rivera reiterated his claims that Romero stole the winning ticket from him and subsequently negotiated to split the prize with him before the $2 Billion piece of paper landed in Castro’s possession.

Highlighting his lack of greed for money and pride in his hard work, Rivera emphasized that this fight wasn’t about financial gain but about establishing the truth. The Florida man expressed his unwavering commitment to proving his ownership, describing the situation as “war.” He dramatically stated he would fight until the end in his pursuit of justice and show the world he was right.

I showed them that I am the rightful winner. I was the one who bought the ticket.

Jose Rivera

Amid ongoing investigations, Rivera faces charges of filing a false police report, carrying a potential sentence of up to six months in prison. Despite mounting challenges, Rivera remains determined to pursue what he believes is the rightful ownership of the record-breaking jackpot. However, the man has yet to present significant evidence to support his claims.

The Powerball Remains an Endless Source of Excitement

In response to Rivera’s legal action, the California Lottery expressed confidence in Castro’s status as the legitimate winner, stating they were not authorized to probe criminal activities among players. Alleged video evidence by Castro’s attorney, David De Paoli, showing his client purchasing the winning ticket could be a decisive blow against Rivera’s claims, putting the case to rest.

Willingly or not, Rivera’s accusations have thrust him into the limelight, inviting substantial scrutiny. The man was frustrated with his deteriorating public image, believing evidence would soon emerge to back his claim. However, he did not present further details, casting doubt on his assertions. Although the final decision rests with the court, things are not looking up for the claimant.

If God wants me in jail for my own ticket … Oh well, that’s what he wants.

Jose Rivera

Rivera’s case adds another layer of excitement over the historic November 2022 Powerball jackpot. Regardless of the outcome of these accusations, the record-setting victory will linger in the public consciousness, inviting many others to try their luck at winning the life-changing prize, hopefully without any undue drama.

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