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Caesars’ Horseshoe Lake Charles Opens for Visitors

The leading casino-entertainment company, Caesars Entertainment, celebrated the opening of its new venue, Horseshoe Lake Charles.

Horseshoe Lake Charles Is Now Open for Visitors

The opening ceremony of Horseshoe Lake Charles located in southwest Louisiana wrapped up on Monday, December 12. The date matched the initially announced opening date from Caesars Entertainment. Besides a spectacular party, the ceremony offered beautiful fireworks. The grand opening also offered live music entertainment, bets and more fun activities.

The new venue uses the location formerly used by Caesars Entertainment’s Isle of Capri Lake Charles. Unfortunately, due to the devastating impact of Hurricane Laura, the Isle of Capri was damaged back in 2020. Then, for more than two years, the property was closed, impacted by the pandemic as well.

Now, the new Caesars’ new Horseshoe Lake Charles is open for visitors and it offers plenty of amenities for its guests. The completely renovated 60,000 square-foot property has new hotel rooms, unique dining outlets and offers plenty of entertainment. Visitors of the venue who favor gambling will undoubtedly like the location’s slot machines and table games. Horseshoe Lake Charles offers nearly 1,000 slot machines but there’s also an official WSOP Poker room. Bettors that visit the new venue can also experience the all-new Caesars Sportsbook.

On the other hand, there are more than 250 hotel rooms with unique designs and plenty of beverage and food outlets. The location also anticipates the introduction of the famous multi-Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay Steak outlet at some point next year. What’s more, Horseshoe Lake Charles is expected to open a new pool area as well.

After Two Years, the Venue Is Finally Open

Back in October, Caesars announced the planned date for the opening of Horseshoe Lake Charles. At the time of the announcement, the company’s president and COO, Anthony Carano, acknowledged that upon closing the Isle of Capri back in 2020, the company did not expect to have the location shut for such a long time.

When we closed the Isle of Capri in 2020, we were not expecting the property to be shut down for this length of time.

Anthony Carano, president and COO of Caesars Entertainment

Still, he pointed out that the company is delighted to see the hard work put into this property and the convenience it will deliver for its guests. “We look forward to welcoming our partners and the community to celebrate with us as we commemorate this milestone and introduce them to Horseshoe Lake Charles,” Carano added.


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