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Caesars Entertainment Welcomes Celebrity Chef to Two of Its Venues

The high-profile casino operator will use the partnership to elevate its hospitality offering and attract new customers in key jurisdictions

Caesars Entertainment is ready to elevate its culinary offerings by introducing Tortazo, the acclaimed restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Rick Bayless, at two premier destinations within its portfolio. Harrah’s Joliet and Caesars Palace Las Vegas will soon feature the vibrant flavors and culinary excellence of Tortazo, helping them stand out amidst the harsh competition.

Tortazo Encapsulates the Essence of Mexican Cuisine

Inspired by the gracious hospitality and lively culture of Mexico City, Tortazo is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant that encapsulates the essence of Mexican cuisine, with a particular focus on the renowned Mexican sandwich – the Torta. Acclaimed for his culinary prowess, cookbook authorship, and restaurant management, Chef Rick Bayless will bring his culinary magic to both locations.

Tortazo’s menu celebrates bold and flavorful Mexican cuisine, showcasing diverse culinary delights, including mouthwatering tacos, quesadillas, and irresistibly sweet house-made churros. Drawing inspiration from Mexico’s rich culinary heritage, each dish at Tortazo is a testament to Chef Rick Bayless’ commitment to authenticity and culinary innovation.

The Tortazo location at Harrah’s Joliet should open its doors in the spring, offering a culinary haven for guests seeking an authentic Mexican dining experience. Following this, the Las Vegas location at Caesars Palace will welcome patrons in late summer, adding to the iconic entertainment hub’s rich tapestry of culinary offerings.

This Addition Will Elevate the Customer Experience

The collaboration between Caesars Entertainment and Chef Rick Bayless signifies a strategic move to enhance the culinary offerings across the Caesars brand. Anthony Carano, President and COO of Caesars Entertainment, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, praising Tortazo as the perfect addition to the operator’s roster of culinary superstars.

This newest partnership should also significantly benefit Tortazo, improving the restaurant’s reach and exposure. Associating with a high-profile operator like Caesars should guarantee the restaurants will never be short on visitors hungry to experience the two venues’ complete offerings. Chef Bayless was thrilled regarding this partnership, highlighting Tortazo and Caesars’ shared values.

The Caesars brand is synonymous with great hospitality, something that inspired the creation of Tortazo, so it feels like the perfect fit.

Chef Rick Bayless

As Caesars Entertainment retains its priority on delivering exceptional experiences to its guests, collaborating with Tortazo further solidifies its commitment to offering a diverse and unparalleled range of dining options. More details about both Tortazo locations will be unveiled in the coming months, promising an exciting culinary journey for visitors to Harrah’s Joliet and Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

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