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Buckeye Man Grabs $1M Ohio Lottery Prize

Phillips preferred the $500,000 cash payout option, receiving $360,000 after taxes

The Ohio Lottery has turned another man’s life around as a local won a $1-million second-tier prize from the lottery’s Billion scratch-off tickets.

Frank Phillips, a Columbiana County resident, won the life-changing prize after purchasing a scratch-off ticket at Hollywood Gaming Mahoning, local news outlets reported.

The $1-million Ohio Lottery prize is an annuity that is paid as $50,000 a year for 20 years (before taxes). However, Phillips preferred the $500,000 cash payout option. After taxes, the Columbiana County player is set to receive $360,000.

According to the Ohio Lottery’s official website, there are three $1/year prizes remaining in the lottery. Meanwhile, there are 82 second-tier $50,000/year prizes (such as the one Phillips won) remaining. The lottery also reports that there are 194 $50,000 prizes and multiple smaller prizes still available.

Speaking of the Ohio Lottery, the operator recently expanded its partnership with the leading supplier Scientific Games. Under the agreement, the latter company agreed to continue providing the lottery company with scratch-off games management and SCiQ retail point-of-sale technology.

For reference, Scientific Games’ SCiQ retail ecosystem is currently deployed at over 800 Ohio Lottery shops across the state.

A Lucky Man Recently Won the $360M Mega Millions Jackpot

And speaking of jackpots, a lucky Texan player won the $360 million Mega Millions jackpot a few days ago. The player got the 12/24/46/57/66 combination right and also nailed the Mega Ball number (22). As a result, the Mega Millions jackpot was reset back to $20 million. The prize quickly increased to $50 million as more and more people tried to replicate the earlier winner’s success.

Earlier this month, the Powerball jackpot increased to a staggering $1.04 billion. This is notably the fourth largest figure the Powerball jackpot has ever reached in the history of the game. A week ago, this same jackpot stood at $835 million.


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