December 7, 2023 3 min read


British Columbia Allocates $1M to Boost Research into Gambling Harm

British Columbia is doubling down on its commitment to tackle gambling harm funding more research that can lead to an evidence-based decision-making

The provincial government will work with the BC Lottery Corporation to spend another $1 million on driving research into the issue that has been long and passionately debated with opponents of gambling on the one hand arguing that too much harm comes out of the sector, and lobby groups on the other saying that more evidence needs to be presented.

More Funding to Go into Understanding Gambling Harm

The issue has been in the lack of evidence to fully support either side, a situation that can only be remedied through the channelling of additional funds into the matter.

The University of British Columbia Center for Gambling Research will be working with the BCLC and the government to drive further insights into the matter and guide industry and lawmaker decision-making in future.

This financial package will see the BCLC and the government support the initiative for another period of five years, especially at a time of mounting interest in gambling and the further regulation and legalization of the sector not just in the province but across Canada.

Commenting on this opportunity, Mike Farnworth, the minister of public safety and solicitor-general, argued that the Center for Gambling Research at UBC is a commendable initiative that helps better understand gambling harm and tackle it.

“Its research and findings are integral to the development of policies within government and the steps we take to protect British Columbians from the harms of problem gambling,” Farnworth explained.

BCLC president and CEO Pat Davis was similarly confident in the meaningful impact of this new funding round. He assured that the knowledge that is obtained through the Center’s work is what makes it possible for the corporation to enhance programs and initiatives that promote player health not just in the province but also beyond.

Continued Support in the Root of Tackling Gambling Harm

“We’re pleased to continue providing support to the center so its work can continue to guide the industry,” Davis said. BCLC has been happy to drive the industry forward when it comes to consumer protection measures. The corporation has developed and licensed to established companies an innovative and user-centric player protection system.

The GameSense program was recently extended to BetMGM under a renewed contract which sees the US gaming and betting operator use the player protection platform for another five years.

GameSense is designed to empower consumers and help them understand responsible gambling principles, set betting limits, and defeat karma and myths about gambling and gambling-related harm.

The program is similarly informed by the research that BCLC invests in and learns from, making it a powerful and useful tool in the fight against gambling harm.


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