January 28, 2022 3 min read


BoyleSports, 20SHOTS Team up to Bring F2P Game Fantasy5 to Soccer Fans

BoyleSports has signed a partnership with UK B2B betting software supplier 20SHOTS, allowing the operator to introduce the latter’s free-to-play soccer jackpot game, Fantasy5, to customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

BoyleSports Seduced by Promise of F2P Potential 

This is a big milestone for 20SHOTS as it effectively enables Fantasy5 to reach new audiences in partnership with an established top-tier sports betting agency. Meanwhile, BoyleSports believes that the offer built by 20SHOTS will allow it to boost its acquisition, engagement, and retention rate during the Premier League season.

BoyleSports will step in and offer marketing support for Fantasy5, which has already amassed 100,000 active users but is expected to continue improving as the game includes some exciting features, including a massive soccer jackpot game. Fantasy5 is easily one of the fastest-growing F2p games in the industry.

BoyleSports similarly integrates Fantasy5 with a single login solution on mobile, desktop, and app and factors in players with existing accounts. 

However, a small distinction here is that BoyleSports’ fans will have access to a different Fantasy5 game than the one run by 20SHOTS. Through that branded game, fans will stand to win $13,400 (£10,000) prize pools. BoyleSports CEO Mark Kemp said:

“We’re excited to launch Fantasy5 under our branding in order to boost our free-to-play offering for new and existing customers. Free-to-play is a key part of our customer acquisition and retention strategy, and by bolstering our product offering with Fantasy5, we’re giving customers even more reason to log in each game week to spend time on site.”

BoyleSports CEO Mark Kemp

New Ways to Engage with Sports Fans the World Over

The game’s free-to-play nature will remain intact as BoyleSports hopes to use this as a gateway for hesitant sports fans to the world of betting. 20SHOTS co-founder Jacob Kalms said:

“Our landmark agreement with BoyleSports is complete, meaning their sportsbook customers can soon join the global pool of players, now in excess of 100,000, competing for our jackpots, free of charge, every game week and directly from their existing BoyleSports accounts.”

20SHOTS co-founder Jacob Kalms

To Kalms, the company’s sterling track record has been key in landing this pivotal partnership. He cited Fantasy5’s retention statistics that prove how effective free-to-play games can actually be and how they offer new and untapped opportunities to recruit players and make them a loyal part of an operator’s ecosystem. 

According to Kalms, the partnership enables Fantasy5 and 20SHOTS to pursue further strategic growth and offer partners in the UK and Ireland markets a trusted solution. Fantasy5 and 20SHOTS previously launched in Australia with GenWeb in February. 


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