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Borgata Atlantic City Faces Lawsuit by Poker Pro Scott Robbins

Scott Robbins, a professional poker player from Massachusetts, is suing the Borgata casino after one of his jokes allegedly brought him a lifetime ban and a visit to a psychiatrist. The poker pro’s lawsuit reveals two dozen allegations against the Borgata, seeking compensation of some $1.2 million.

Professional Poker Player Files Lawsuit against the Borgata

Professional poker player Scott Robbins from Massachusetts is suing the Borgata casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, according to documents filed with New Jersey Superior court last month. The lawsuit is related to a lifetime ban which he received and a psych hospital trip after allegedly one of his jokes did not land well with the hotel staff.

The lawsuit dates back to Robbins’ visit to the Borgata in September 2020. Although he had entered a WPT Borgata main event, he wasn’t able to finish it, which he also described in his lawsuit. Robbins alleges that Borgata’s ban may result in future losses for him of up to $850,000. Additionally, in his lawsuit, Robbins alleged that his civil rights were violated under New Jersey law and that the event brought him emotional distress.

Overall, his legal complaint describes more than two dozen allegations against the Borgata such as breach of duty of public accommodation, defamation, slander, libel, breach of contract and more. Robbins seeks some $1,253,368.75 with his lawsuit against the operator.

A Joke Misinterpreted

Back in September 2020, when Robbins was about to check-in at the Borgata, he made a quip regarding jumping out of a window. Although he claims that the remark was entirely a joke, allegedly the hotel staff has misinterpreted his words.

According to Robbins’ complaint, upon arriving at the front desk of the hotel, he was asked if he prefers a low-floor or high-floor room. Responding to the question, he made a joke, asking if he would make it if he jumps from a high-floor window (referring to an event such as an earthquake or fire).

Hearing Robbins, the hotel clerk told him not to do that, to which he responded that he will not. However, he jokingly added that it doesn’t matter what floor he gets a room on, considering that he wouldn’t survive either way, according to the lawsuit. After that, Robins received his key and headed to his room, located on the 30th floor.

Visiting a Psychiatrist

Little did Robbins know that the joke he made at the front desk may lead to him visiting a psychiatrist the same day. Once the poker pro checked into his room, he was allegedly visited by hotel security that instructed him to visit a psychiatrist to continue his stay.

Robbins then had to take an ambulance ride that took him to a psychiatrist at Atlanticare Regional Medical Heart. Upon speaking with him, the psychiatrist concluded that Robbins is not a threat to anyone or himself.

Still, he had to pay an $865 bill for the visit to the psychiatrist, as well as the ambulance ride, which cost him $1,157. Upon returning to the Borgata, the hotel security had moved his personal belongings, which resulted in Robbins looking for another hotel for the night, the lawsuit claims.


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