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Biden’s Approval Ratings Fall along with Odds of Reelection

President Joe Biden wasn’t every American’s favorite president, but for the majority, he was better than the alternative – now-former US President Donald Trump. As we draw closer to another political race and the world has its gaze at the war in Ukraine, there are some reasons to worry that this may be POTUS’ first and last term in office.

POTUS Approval Rating Takes Plunge

A new poll conducted on behalf of the Associated Press with the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center discovered that only 39% of the adult US population approves of the current President job. This is low, but a somewhat understandable percentage.

The United States saw one million people succumb to the highly infectious and deadly COVID-19 infection, and the country is now actively involved in another war overseas. The percentage of approval though has diminished dramatically since last year’s 60% approval based on the same rating.

Asked whether the country was “heading in the right direction,” only two people out of ten said they believed so. Another 20% agreed that the US economy is in a good position. People have been citing high gas prices, baby formula shortages, and soaring inflation as some of the reasons why they didn’t approve of the current cabinet. People who would normally bet on Biden against his nemesis, Trump, are now weighing the odds carefully, and it doesn’t look good.

Biden is set to try and run for another term in office in 2024, but whether this does happen is now under question. Kamala Harris, his vice president, is a likely candidate to succeed him in the next presidential race.

Fielding the Right Candidates

Meanwhile, Trump has seen the odds back hi a little more, but a true Republican contender seems to be Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis whose conservative and grounded political outlook seems to be more pragmatic and therefore easier to sell come election time.

Trump’s loss in the last Presidential run was chalked up not so much to voter fraud (as he would have loved to believe) but rather to a lack of real political program.

There is no branding DeSantis as an unwitting firebrand. Trump still remains favored across the pond in Great Britain where Paddy Power is giving him a 3/1 chance against Biden’s 9/2. In other words, Trump has a 25% chance of success whereas the incumbent is closer to 18%. With two years in office, much can happen, though.

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  • John Louis
    May 31, 2022 at 9:17 am

    Biden is like your older parent or grandparent in a nursing home or assisted living facility. When caring for my dad, loosing his capasities. Biden’s only hope of a party win is to not run.

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