February 17, 2023 3 min read


BGC Throws Support Behind Racing TV’s “Write to Your MP” Campaign

The industry trade group has endorsed the campaign launched by Racing TV seeking to galvanize action in constituents to pressure MPs into taking a balanced approach in gambling reregulation

Betting and Gaming Council chairman Brigid Simmonds OBE has stated that her organization will support the campaign as the trade group has been looking to convince MPs and DCMS ministers to take a more restrained approach to the new regulatory framework for the industry, a big part of which will focus on affordability checks.

Affordability Checks: The Apple of Discord

Affordability checks have been debated fiercely in public space with gambling hawks arguing that they must be applied indiscriminately, while industry representatives have warned that resorting to such blanket measures could push more consumers into the hands of black market operators which still have clout on UK punters and gamblers.

Racing TV’s recently conducted a survey in which it interviewed 3,500 respondents. The overwhelming majority of respondents – some 80 – said that they did not like the idea of letting sports betting companies decide how much they can spend. Simmonds insisted that a lot of the debate around the White Paper that is supposed to reregulate the industry has added confusion rather than clarity. She explained:

No one benefits from this, not our members, nor their millions of customers. We have always called for a package of reforms that will deliver real change, but these need to be carefully targeted to protect the small minority who are vulnerable, not impact the enjoyment of the vast majority who bet safely and responsibly.

Betting and Gaming Council chairman Brigid Simmonds OBE

Simmonds insisted that BGC members are already contributing an estimated £350 million to the horseracing industry every year and added that the White Paper must be published swiftly so that a public debate can begin. She urged anyone interested in horseracing and sports betting to join the campaign and reach out to their MPs, stating their preferences clearly.

Overregulating without Caring about the Consequences

Racecourse Media Group, which is the parent company of Racing TV, also weighed in on the discussion through its CEO Martin Stevenson. According to Stevenson, the survey that Racing TV conducted indicated how consumers feel about some of its more questionable proposals.

The current rates of bettors who participate in the illegal market are concerning, Stevenson explained. He further noted that should there be a blanket affordability check introduced, this rate may yet increase.

“A key priority for the White Paper is needing to listen to consumers and, according to this survey, their widespread rejection of affordability checks,” he stated flatly. The White Paper still has no official publication date, and the document has been delayed for many months now. It was originally expected in the summer of 2022.


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