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BGC Hails Lucy Frazer as Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport

The prominent trade group has welcomed the appointment of the new Secretary of State and urged her to focus on the Gambling Act Review and white paper

In a statement, the British and Betting Gaming Council (BGC) explained that Frazer’s appointment has come at a crucial time after numerous delays have stalled the publication of the white paper that will overhaul the gambling industry’s laws in the United Kingdom and amongst growing tensions as to how far consumer protection measures should go.

BGC Recommends Positive Engagement

Gambling hawks have advocated for strict, blanket measures whereas organizations such as the BGC have insisted that a more tamed, evidence-based approach should be used. BGC chief executive Michael Dugher was among the latest to recommend to the newly-appointed Secretary of State to seek a course of “positive engagement” with the industry and its stakeholders.

Dugher also insisted that the long-delayed White Paper should be published as soon as possible and put up for discussion. The chief executive similarly reminded the Secretary of State that the gambling industry employs 110,000 people and it is one of the biggest tax contributors in the United Kingdom.

Presently, the gambling industry and BGC’s members in particular generate £4.2bn in taxes to the Treasury, and a total of £7.1bn when accounting for the full contributions to the economy. Dugher acknowledged that the regulation process ahead came with its own challenges, and “issues to be finalized.”

Finalize All Pressing Matters, but Watch Out

Yet, he hoped that the Secretary of State would listen and act on what evidence is available and listen to the voices of millions of punters, who do not approve of measures such as “affordability checks.” Dugher insisted that leveraging blanket measures to address the gambling problem is more than likely to backfire and push many more people offshore. He insisted:

We also hope that as a sector supporting jobs and investment in the UK, recovering from the pandemic, and facing tough economic headwinds, she will reject calls for any new taxes on the industry.

BGC chief executive Michael Dugher

Dugher also added that the BGC and its members were all for big changes that improved the industry and boosted safer gambling standards but cautioned that players should not be antagonized lest such measures backfire.


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