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BGaming to Sponsor the Next Scatters Club Streamers Battle

BGaming also supported the previous edition of the event which took place in mid-March and saw 16 top streamers compete

BGaming, a provider of online casino games, has agreed to sponsor the new edition of the Scatters Club’s streamers tournaments. This will not be the first time the iGaming supplier has backed the initiative either as it also sponsored the first event for the year, Streamers Battles.

For those who have missed it, the first Streamers Battles tournament took place between March 10 and 24 and was also supported by Casinolytics.

Each contest sees top slots streamers play a series of 20 games. During the first battle, for example, 16 streamers, including Andypsx, one of the best streamers in the world, played some of BGaming’s hits. The players competed in games such as Sweet Rush MEGAWAYS, Bonanza Billion and Potion spells.

In these events, participants are ranked depending on their performance and are then distributed shares of a $25,000 prize pool. The earlier version, for example, saw Mowehhuku win the tournament and take $11,000 home. Andypsx came only second, grabbing $5,000 for his performance. Streamer Wingz finished third, taking a prize of $2,000.

The sponsorship agreement with BGaming reinforces the supplier’s commitment to a “player-driven approach” to game development.

BGaming and Scatters Club Are Excited about the Upcoming Events

The format of the upcoming event will be similar to the one in March. BGaming has planned to host a total of six major events, each with a total prize pool of $25,000, according to the company’s streamer relations lead, Maxim Krotau. He added that his team is excited to team up with Casinolytics in support of the Scatters Club’s Streamers tournament series.

Krotau said that the tournament in March was very successful and concluded that he is excited about the upcoming events:

Last month’s Streamers Battles event was a huge success and shows our commitment to creating a positive gaming culture by celebrating our community of players. We can’t wait to see what the next tournament in June has to offer.

Maxim Krotau, streamer relations lead, BGaming

Meanwhile, Scatters Club’s event manager, Ellina Minkevich, said that the club is seeing increased interest from many streamers who wish to participate. According to her, the tournaments help many content creators generate fresh content to engage their audiences.

Minkevich reminded fans that there are five more tournaments planned for the year. She said that she cannot wait to welcome even more streamers to these novel competitions.

There are five more major tournaments ahead and we’re looking forward to welcoming even more participants from all over the world.

Ellina Minkevich, event manager, Scatters Club

In other news, BGaming recently welcomed a new chief commercial officer who will play a major role in growing the company in Asia and beyond.


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