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BGaming Releases Capymania, a Capybara-Themed Instant Win Game

The three different versions of the game offer a different level of winning potential and an increasingly dandier capybara

BGaming is capitalizing on the Internet’s capybara craze with brand new capybara-themed instant win scratch games. The new suite of digital scratch cards is called Capymania and boasts three skins – yellow, green and orange.

Just like BGaming’s previous collection of scratch games, Scratch Alpaca, Capymania also sports a cute little mascot. The new game’s titular capybara invites players on a laidback adventure that provides them with chances to win mouth-watering prizes.

Capymania is a simple game that allows players to relax while scratching digital tickets. Still, Capymania sports several features such as auto-play and turbo mode features.

As mentioned, the game has three skins. The different skins offer a different level of winning potential and an increasingly dandier capybara. The Orange game, for example, features cards that cost €0.10 and allow players to win up to €10,000. The Green game, on the other hand, sees players pay €1 for a ticket and provides them with a shot at a jackpot of €100,000. Finally, the yellow skin, which features a gentlemanly capybara with a top hat and mustache, has cards worth €2.5 and a top prize of €250,000.

A Simple, Yet Rewarding Game

In addition to the aforementioned autoplay and turbo mode features, all three Capymania games allow players to set up win and loss limits, allowing them to remain in control of their habits.

BGaming described Capymania as a very high volatility game that nevertheless boasts a 97% RTP. The games’ three tiers allow players to have entirely different experiences, depending on how much they want to invest and how much they want to win. As a result, the Capymania scratch cards are poised to appeal to a variety of players with different preferences.

According to BGaming, the cartoony graphics and playful soundtrack seek to engage players with a chill instant win title that demonstrates BGaming’s excellence in gaming. According to Mikalai Dzneladze, the company’s chief casual game producer, the game seeks to build on the success of the supplier’s earlier scratch games. Dzneladze added that the philosophy behind Capymania is to provide players with a simple, yet rewarding experience.

Even though the cards are simple, players can choose to amplify their experience across the three varied cards and turbo mode sees the game speed up – unlike our lazy capybara. Scratch Games have proven to be a huge hit and we look forward to the charismatic capybara delighting players.

Mikalai Dzneladze, chief casual game producer, BGaming

In addition to instant win games, BGaming’s portfolio also includes a plethora of exciting slot games.


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