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BeyondPlay Secures $5.5M in Latest Funding Round

The funding will also help BeyondPlay expand its team and keep up with its planned partnerships and NA market expansion

BeyondPlay, a company that combines a custom-built platform with streaming technology and social features, has raised over $5.52 million thanks to its latest funding round. The software firm attracted the attention of several notable investors.

BeyondPlay’s latest round was led by Bettor Capital, a US-based early-stage venture capital fund. It focuses on investments to providers within the gambling industry. In addition to Bettor Capital, Beyond Play received investments from Tigrim Capital, Winforton Investments and other firms.

Other than firms, Beyond Play also attracted the attention of notable industry veterans, including Feda Mecan, Mark Blandford and Alexandre Tomic. All of these are known for their investments in many successful ventures.

As a result of the funding round, Bettor Capital’s founder and chief executive officer, David VanEgmond, will gain a position on BeyondPlay’s board of directors. The seasoned individual has an impressive track record and will be a valuable addition to the company. As a BeyondPlay director, VanEgmond will join the likes of Oakvale Capital’s Daniel Burns.

The Funding Will Help BeyondPlay Grow

Thanks to the raised money, BeyondPlay will be able to further support its ongoing product development program. Its final goal is to roll out its finalized Multiplayer software and to expand its product portfolio with solutions.

The money will also help the company expand its team in order to be able to keep up with its planned operator partnerships and NA market expansion.

Karolina Pelc, BeyondPlay’s founder and chief executive officer, commented on the development, calling it “another major milestone” for her company. She added that she is excited to have secured the backing of so many reputable and knowledgeable investors.

Pelc is certain that Bettor Capital’s strategic expertise and the mindset of the other high-profile investors will help BeyondPlay evolve. Pelc concluded that she is very glad that her company has exceeded its funding target and attributed the results to her team’s willingness to innovate and take risks.

VanEgmond also shared his thoughts on the matter. He praised BeyondPlay for its drive for innovation and knack for developing exciting iGaming solutions. The investor lauded BeyondPlay’s software, especially its engaging multiplayer capabilities that allow people to play with friends.

VanEgmond concluded that Bettor Capital is thrilled to support BeyondPlay, its team of experienced professionals and its vision.

In February, LeoVegas divested a quarter of BeyondPlay to Bettor Capital in a $2 million deal.


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