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Bettor Vision Launches All-in-one Fantasy App

Bettor Vision, the only sports betting and fantasy sports account aggregator, has released a brand new app for fantasy sports. It allows fans to bet, access fantasy contests and follow the latest developments involving their favorite sports teams.

Bettor Vision Launched a New App

Bettor Vision’s new app will work as a one-stop shop for fans of fantasy sports and will have everything they need to play and enjoy the vertical. To celebrate the launch of its new all-in-one app, the company also unveiled a new contest for its customers.

The contest, Bettor Vision announced, will run between December 18 and January 23. It will provide fantasy sports enthusiasts with opportunities to win tickets for major sporting events. In total, there will be three prizes lucky fans could grab. The first one is two tickets for the “Big Game” with airfare and lodging costs covered. The second is two tickets for the “All-Star game” with airfare and lodging costs covered. Lastly, three lucky people will win a humungous 75” Smart TV.

All five winners would be randomly drawn from the entry pool. Fans can join the promotion by submitting an online entry at Once they do so, they will be provided with a personalized link they can send to their friends. The referent will get an additional entry for every person who registers through their personalized link.

CEO Lanier Wants to Make Fans Feel a Part of the Action

Brett Lanier, Bettor Vision’s co-founder and chief executive officer, spoke about Bettor Vision’s vision. His company’s philosophy is to provide fans with a convenient app they can use to access their favorite fantasy sports teams – an app that Lanier believes fans deserve.

Bettor Vision customers, according to Lanier, are fervent sports enthusiasts who like wagering and playing fantasy sports. According to him, this makes them feel more connected to the action. Bettor Vision, he said, was created to cater to these fans’ needs and help fans stay tuned with the latest developments in professional sports.

Speaking about his company’s exciting promotion, Lanier said:

This promotion gives our customers a chance to really feel connected to the action by attending sports bucket list experiences in person or using their massive new TV to host a party for the Big Game.

Brett Lanier, CEO, Bettor Vision

Bettor Vision is a fairly new player in the fantasy sports market. It was founded last year by Lanier and Geoff Doyle. The inspiration behind the new app was the founders’ vision for streamlining sports information to provide smoother fantasy experiences.


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