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Betsson Unveils New Global Marketing Concept

The new concept underlines the thrill and excitement a sports bet brings, regardless of its size

Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Betsson is a well-known and trusted betting and gaming brand that has a strong presence across regulated gambling markets across the globe. On Monday, Betsson released a new marketing concept called “A bet makes the difference.” Staying true to delivering thrilling and unique experiences, the new concept revolves around the excitement a bet brings, rather than a big win.

The new commercial, directed by Rodrigo Saavedra, a multi-award-winning director, portrays an ordinary soccer game where the audience looks bored of the game. That is the case until one viewer takes out his smartphone and decides to place a bet. Once this happens, a spotlight illuminates the viewer who is then elevated, while rock music starts playing and the game gets more interesting.

The soccer field is then presented as an arena, where soccer players can be seen running and screaming with excitement. The famous rock hit Kickstart My Heart from Motley Crue elevates the thrill and excitement even more as it can be heard distinctly as the background music of the new commercial.

Judging by a statement released by Betsson, this represents the company’s most ambitious production to date. The new advertisement will initially be launched for 10 Latin American and European countries. Further expansion can be anticipated soon as well. Ultimately, the new campaign underlines the thrill and excitement of wagering on sports. Betsson presents the message that sports betting is exciting in itself, regardless if the bet is small or big.

The New Campaign Brings Excitement

Kay Hook, Betsson’s global brand director, said that while the company cannot guarantee wins for sports bettors, it can certainly deliver unrivaled excitement and thrills. He said that while competitors in the sector focus on big wins, Betsson underlines the elevated excitement a single bet can bring. “Our goal is to enhance the entertainment value and intensify the excitement for our customers,” added Hook. Finally, he said that Betsson wants to offer exciting and responsible betting experiences.

While we can’t control the excitement of a match or guarantee wins, we can assure our customers that placing a bet, small or big, will amplify the excitement.

Kay Höök, global brand director at Betsson

Jesper Svensson, Betsson Group’s CEO, added that while the company continues to expand its footprint, it has also established an “in-house international creative hub.” Finally, he said that the new commercial reaffirms Betsson’s strong presence in the betting and gaming vertical and marks an important milestone for the company.


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