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BetMGM Becomes Official Sports Odds Provider for the Associated Press

This milestone partnership should significantly bolster the operator’s reach, bolstering its growth ambitions and allowing it to engage with new audiences

Leading sports betting company BetMGM is now the official sports odds provider for The Associated Press (AP), announced by both organizations on Thursday. This partnership will see AP utilizing BetMGM’s odds and lines across various formats while maintaining complete editorial control over its content. Both companies expressed excitement over this mutually beneficial collaboration, which should pay long-term dividends.

AP Audiences Will Enjoy Accurate Data

As the world’s leading not-for-profit news agency, AP serves a diverse worldwide audience, priding itself on providing accurate information to its millions of users. AP has provided sports betting lines to its customers and audiences for over 30 years, ensuring consistency in its reporting by selecting trusted and reliable odds providers. 

Barry Bedlan, AP’s director of global text and commercial products, lauded BetMGM’s proven reliability and track record of success, noting that the collaboration would provide the customers with the accurate information they needed to make informed decisions. 2023 saw the AP’s monthly users reach roughly 44.2 million, highlighting the importance of this partnership.

People want trustworthy sports betting information, and we are pleased to work with BetMGM to provide a dependable and credible reference point for our customers and audiences.

Barry Bedlan, AP director of global text and commercial products

The Associated Press had a previous agreement with FanDuel that started in May 2021. The news agency did not specify the reason for switching betting odds providers. However, the switch was likely motivated by BetMGM offering a better deal rather than any falling out between AP and FanDuel.

BetMGM Bolsters Its Global Reach

BetMGM, with a presence in 29 North American markets, offers its services through a mobile app on major operating systems and its website, This partnership with AP follows closely on the heels of another significant collaboration for BetMGM. February saw the company announce a historic deal with X, positioning BetMGM as the social media platform’s exclusive sports betting partner.

Matt Prevost, BetMGM chief revenue officer, noticed that providing trusted information for a news agency of that caliber would be instrumental in expanding the operator’s global reach. He was looking forward to bolstering AP’s offerings through quality content, benefiting both companies as they aim to preserve their leadership positions in their respective industries.

It is a special opportunity for BetMGM to align with The Associated Press, a leading global news source that billions around the world rely on for the most up-to-date coverage.

Matt Prevost, BetMGM chief revenue officer

While BetMGM’s Q1 earnings call revealed mixed results, CEO Bill Hornbuckle remains optimistic about BetMGM’s potential for long-term growth. This new partnership with AP represents a strategic move to bolster BetMGM’s international presence and market recognition in the sports betting industry. Meanwhile, AP can trust the operator to provide accurate data to benefit its audiences.

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