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Betknowmore Joins the National Gambling Support Network

Betknowmore UK’s CEO said that his team is is immensely proud to contribute to the NGSN and help in the war on problem gambling

Betknowmore, a UK charity that helps people overcome problem gambling, has announced that it has joined the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN). This comes in the wake of GambleAware’s decision to increase funding for the network.

As announced by Betknowmore, the charity’s services, namely Peer Aid, New Beginnings and GOALS, have been commissioned by Gamble Aware to roll out nationally. As a result, BetKnowmore will be able to help more people over the next three years.

National Gambling Support Network, formerly known as the National Gambling Treatment Network, is designed to keep gambling harm rates low. The renewed network will have double the funding it previously had, allowing it to help many more people.

The network is comprised of a range of treatment charities that provide customers with the support they need without judging them. The expanded funding reflects GambleAware’s willingness to address the changing needs of those at risk of gambling harm in the United Kingdom.

In 2023, the program will adopt a regional first approach, creating improved referral routes for those suffering from gambling harm. The National Gambling Helpline will redirect people to their local treatment provider which will be responsible for finding the best treatment for their needs.

Betknowmore Is Delighted to Be a Part of the NGSN

In a statement, Anna Hargrave, GambleAware’s chief commissioning officer, said that GambleAware is delighted to unveil the new NGSN. She said that her team is also happy to increase its funding for the initiative.

Hargrave said that the NGSN is built on strong foundations and is supported by many exceptional regional providers. She added that the regional first approach will hopefully create new opportunities to work with other local services and agencies.

By broadening our reach at a local level and engaging with local authorities or the criminal justice sector, for example, means we can further help those experiencing harm from gambling.

Anna Hargrave, chief commissioning officer, GambleAware

Hargrave added that the involvement of people with lived experience will be a central part of how the new NGSN will functions.

Frankie Graham, Betknowmore’s founder and chief executive officer, shared his thoughts on joining the new NGSN. He called the launch “an important milestone” for supporting those who have been hurt by problem gambling. Because of that, his company is looking forward to contributing to the network.

Betknowmore UK is immensely proud to contribute to a national provision of work. The three key services that we will provide are demonstration that the voice of lived experience, embedded into peer and community support, has an essential part to play in gambling harms prevention and recovery.

Frankie Graham, founder & CEO, Betknowmore

Graham thanked everyone who has been a part of Betknowmore’s journey and said that only collective effort can mitigate the damages caused by gambling addiction.


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